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The Importance of Shaping Students Outside the Classroom

As we progress into a world steered by rapid technological change, global shifts and business trends, it is becoming increasingly important to take student education outside the bounds of the classroom. ….

How to Make the Most Out of Your School Life?

School life is one of the earliest learning phases in a student’s life and it sure is a mix of emotions with new friendships, a ton of fun experiences, and happy memories. ….

How to Avoid Distractions in a Study at Home Routine

Adjusting to the new normal of 2020 in isolation, education has embraced digital technology as the only way to cope up with the global pandemic keeping human life hostage.. ….

How Covid-19 has Changed the Way Students Learn in the Digital Age

The education industry had long been slumbering in terms of traditional classroom schooling, and an all-encompassing ….

How to Prepare for Studying Abroad in the Right University

The time between high school and college is usually a tricky place where students are anxious about getting into the right college or ….

Why We Should Teach Students to Make Constructive Mistakes

The value of a mistake made, and a lesson learned is one of the most priceless concepts of growth that students can learn in their school life….

The Importance of School Facilities in Student Education

The quality of school facilities and infrastructure make a big impact on a child’s learning and development in his/her formative years ….

Cultivating an Independent and Self-reliant Lifestyle Early in a Child’s Life

The road to self-reliance and independence in a child’s life takes footing in some of their earliest childhood experiences and lifestyle habits….

What Kind of School is Right for Your Child’s Education?

In a society that is fuelled by the advancing technology and innovation in the business market, education is the basis of a child’s personal..

Why Student Education Should Inculcate a Thinking School Philosophy

While school education is the determining stage of learning for students, they struggle to develop a critical thinking mindset with..

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