Health and Safety

SNIS maintains a zero tolerance policy to any shortcomings in providing safety and security for people on school campus and transport facilities.

  • The CCTV Surveillance Centre monitors the activities and movements on campus round-the-clock
  • Trained and watchful security guards are placed across the campus
  • All School staff are recruited after a three stage verification and reference check process
  • Strict security protocols and drills are followed on all occasions, including during events and outdoor visits
  • Regular fire and emergency drills
  • All employees trained by Sakra Hospital for emergencies
  • The entire perimeter of the campus is protected by high walls and security guards
  • Solar powered street lights all around the campus provide ample lighting during the nights
  • Students are allowed to leave the premises only with an Out Pass or authorized personnel
  • Requirement for every member of the School staff to identify themselves with School ID cards and Biometric impression for entry into the campus building
  • All buses provided with female attendants
  • All buses fitted with GPS, CCTV cameras, and speed governors to ensure student safety

At SNIS, we place great emphasis on the health and safety of our students. The school has a well-equipped infirmary under the supervision of a full-time (24/7) nurse who provides first-aid to the students in need. Also a doctor on-call ensures that the students are well-attended in case of any sickness.

Confidential medical records of the students are maintained. Orientations and seminars are conducted for the students on various health and hygiene related topics.

SNIS has signed an agreement with Sakra Hospital and WhiteCross for any kind of emergency care required by students and staff.

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