Sports Curriculum

Sports is an integral part of our education. The educational framework at SNIS leverages sports to nurture active, alert and well balanced individuals. At SNIS, the students will benefit from a scientific and professional sports training and curriculum. SNIS offers Fitness and Athletics PE programs for the physical and cognitive development of its students.

Athletics Program

  • Integrates basic movements like run, jump and throw.
  • Integrates “multi-skill” sessions with innovative game formats to create a holistic foundation for sports.
  • Quantifiable improvements in the critical areas of agility, balance, co-ordination, endurance, speed, and strength.
  • Regular Skill Assessments
  • Inter-school sports events
  • Specialized coaching

Fitness Program

  • Designed for Pre-primary students
  • Fun exercises and activities
  • Helps in developing fundamental movement skills and gross motor skills
  • Instils healthy lifestyle habits
  • Regular assessments
  • Specialized coaching

The importance of sports in the life of a student goes beyond the basic concept of keeping children fit. Sports also instill valuable lessons in the life of a student by

  • Providing opportunities for leadership
  • Teaching cooperation and teamwork
  • Promoting good health
  • Productive use of leisure time
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