Boarding Overview

At SNIS, we provide a safe, secure, caring, and stress-free environment, which will make our boarders feel that they are in a home away from home. This makes SNIS one of the best residential schools in Bangalore.

Residential school facilities are available for boys and girls from Grade I – XII, under Weekly-Boarding and Regular Boarding systems. There are separate boarding houses for Boys and Girls. Parents can avail the facility as per their requirements.

The residential aspect of the school can be used by Regular Boarders who stay on campus throughout the school semesters and go home during long vacations and Weekly Boarders who stay in school from Monday to Friday and go home for the weekend, every week.

SNIS’s unique weekly boarding facility grants students and parents the perfect solution in the modern world. The students stay in the safe and secure school
campus under the guidance and ever-attentive eyes of dorm parents and teachers throughout the week and go home for the weekends to spend quality time with their parents and /or guardians, making it a win-win situation for parents and students. Weekly boarders will also have the option of occasionally staying back in the hostels during the weekends if prior notification is provided.

By staying in a residential school, children get to interact with students belonging to a variety of cultures and therefore, they learn to appreciate and respect the differences in one another and live amicably.

Being a residential school which offers regular and weekly boarding, SNIS educates its students in not just academic subjects but in personal care, time management, planning and community service so that students emerge as balanced and thinking individuals.

There are separate boarding houses for Boys and Girls with accommodation for Dorm Parents, thus providing much-needed care and supervision. Students follow a set routine with sports in the morning and evening.

After-school hours are used for learning with academic support from teachers who are available on campus. With the comprehensive structure of pastoral support, each student is given individual attention to ensure that they achieve their targets in academic and co-curricular activities and are happy and content.

In addition to the set schedule on the weekdays, residential students are engaged in various sports and other co-curricular activities including fun excursions and exciting educational, outbound adventure trips. Along with availing all the facilities for extracurricular and sports activities in the campus, living with other students enables children to develop great social skills, experience cultural diversity and become self-dependent. To achieve these, it’s important to enroll your child into SNIS, one of the best residential schools in Bangalore

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