Academic Leadership Team

Ms. Lakshmi Reddy

Ms. Lakshmi Reddy

Academic Director/Principal & Trustee

Ms. Lakshmi brings a multi-dimensional and global perspective to education at SNIS. After her under-graduate and graduate school education in the US, she has worked with several multi-national companies in diverse fields such as education, software, oil & gas, realty & title management, and credit reporting. She brings with her excellent skills in strategic planning & management and a rich experience of working in different countries (India, US, Canada, Mexico, France, Argentina, Colombia etc.) and with people from many nationalities & cultures.

Lakshmi’s experiences with people from different parts of the globe have taught her that individuality should be celebrated and everyone should be encouraged to reach their goals and aspirations. She firmly believes that it is essential to instill students with the core values of honesty, tolerance, open-mindedness, self-reliance, courage of conviction, and team spirit to ensure that they become responsible global citizens.

As the Academic Director and one of the Founders of the school, she is committed to provide a stress-free and secure teaching-learning environment at SNIS that will help students become life-long learners who will brighten this world with compassion, curiosity, and creative fire.

Mr. Kapil Mehrotra

Mr. Kapil Mehrotra

Head of Primary School

Mr. Kapil comes with over 15 years of International and IB experience in countries like Thailand, China, Indonesia and India and has experience of three successful IB PYP accreditations. He is also well-versed with Cambridge curriculum. He considers himself fortunate to teach & interact with students, teachers and parents from different parts of the globe. This international exposure and enriching experience has equipped him with strong coordination & interpersonal skills, in addition to a keenness for quality work.

He strongly believes in encouraging holistic education through communal, physical, emotional and cultural well-being thus establishing a base for constant learning and respect. He visualizes academics to be concept based, inquiry driven and action oriented for preparing students to face any challenges in becoming positive members of the society and responsible global citizens. He believes in empowering and encouraging students to become responsible and respectful towards themselves, their learning and fellow individuals in attitude and action.

He aims to develop a long-term partnership among students, parents and all the stakeholders to ensure that students at SNIS can achieve their highest potential.

Mr. Thavamani T

Mr. Thavamani T

Head of Middle & Senior School

Mr.Thavamani has been in the field of education for over two decades, handling the curriculum of IB diploma programme and Cambridge, both in India and abroad. He is an IB examiner, an ATL coordinator and a good pedagogical leader.

He acted as a mentor to teachers with a vision to implement effective and innovative teaching-learning techniques to enhance the quality of class room transactions. With his futuristic approach as an IBDP coordinator, he played a pivotal role in the collaborative planning process and led the team successfully towards the five year DP evaluation process twice in the past seven years.

He strongly believes that international education should make learners – think out of the box, inculcate necessary skills to face the challenges of the 21st century, build rich personal and cultural identities and render them compassionate human beings to create a better and more peaceful world.

He is committed towards building a responsive relationship with the students, parents and all the stake holders of SNIS, to create educational opportunities that encourage healthy relationships, individual and shared, alongside effective teamwork and collaboration among the students of SNIS, to make learning an exhilarating, gratifying, valuable and enriching experience.

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