Management Team

Mr. B.A. Gopala Reddy
Mr. A. Gopal Reddy
Mr. A. Srinivasa Reddy

Mr. B.A. Gopala Reddy


Mr. B.A. Gopala Reddy is a visionary with an astute and resolute sense of responsibility towards society. He is an advocate for education’s ability to herald economic, social, and cultural change. He is actively involved in charitable work, helping the needy and downtrodden and has contributed substantially for the same. He believes that education is the best resource we can provide any person so that they have the ability to help themselves and those around them.

Mr. A. Gopal Reddy DCE

Trustee and Treasurer

Mr. A. Gopal Reddy comes with over four decades of experience in civil engineering and has made significant contribution to the world of civil engineering and construction. He has a strong sense of responsibility towards nature and is a proponent for sustainable, zero-waste construction. He has promoted and guided the eco-friendly construction of SNIS campus. He motivates and advises his committed team on all matters concerning governance, infrastructure, business development, and budgeting.

Mr. A. Srinivasa Reddy B.E.

Trustee and Secretary

Mr. A. Srinivasa Reddy is an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in civil engineering and construction. His idea of co-founding SNIS is to provide differentiated learning and holistic caring environment for children to mould them into responsible global citizens. He believes that it is the duty of every individual to give back to society as per one’s capacity and we need to nurture this from childhood.

He is an advocate for preserving the environment via sustainable energy practices and conservation of natural resources. He has implemented many programmes to achieve this and is largely responsible for making SNIS a green campus.  He provides leadership and guidance for the strategic and financial planning of the School.

Mr. Nagaraj Reddy
Ms. Lakshmi Reddy

Mr. Nagaraj Reddy M.S.

Trustee & Managing Director

Mr. Nagaraj Reddy holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering from SDSU, USA and is a project management certified professional. He comes with a vast experience of working in various multinational companies in US, Europe, South America and Asia with diversified experience in IT consultancy, business management, people management, governance, product development & innovation. He has worked in varied industries such as medical equipment, oil and gas, energy, retail, aeronautics and defence. He takes pride on taking responsibility and carrying out commitments fearlessly.


SNIS is focused on providing holistic education for its students and imbibing them with international-mindedness so that they learn to appreciate different perspectives. Nagaraj has the foresight and knowledge to guide the school in achieving this objective after living abroad for more than 15 years and having the rich experience of working with people of various beliefs, philosophies and cultures.

Ms. Lakshmi Reddy MBA

Trustee & Director of Academic Programs

Ms. Lakshmi Reddy brings a multi-dimensional and global perspective to education at SNIS. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Houston Baptist University and Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Houston. She also has the Project Management Professional Certificate from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Lakshmi has worked with several multi-national companies in diverse fields such as education, software, oil & gas, realty & title management, and credit reporting.

She brings with her excellent skills in strategic planning & management and a rich experience of working in different countries (India, US, Canada, Mexico, France, Argentina, Colombia etc.) and with people from many nationalities & cultures. This experience has taught her that individuality should be celebrated and everyone should be encouraged to reach their goals & aspirations. Lakshmi firmly believes that it is essential to instill students with the core values of honesty, tolerance, open-mindedness, self-reliance, courage of conviction, and team spirit to ensure that they become responsible global citizens.

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