The classroom is a place where students and teachers spend a considerable amount of time discussing and sharing experiences, making it a place for knowledge sharing. At SNIS, we ensure that our classrooms are spacious with ample natural lighting and good cross-ventilation as per international standards to ensure student health and well-being.

Students are imparted education in a modern way using smart boards and white boards so that learning in the classroom is fun and engaging. While our classroom furniture is colorful and stimulating, it is also ergonomically designed to ensure safety and comfort of the students and meets global standards for quality.

Class size is restricted to 24 students so that individual attention can be provided to each child.

Students and teachers are equipped with laptops to leverage IT integration into the curriculum, enhancing research and collaboration skills and each classroom also has projectors for sharing, exchange and presentations.

We also have outdoor classrooms to conduct Outbound Learning Programmes. Research has shown that with the use of an outdoor classroom, students are better engaged and motivated to learn. The main advantage of an outdoor classroom is that it allows children to move freely in an open space and makes learning a multi-sensory experience. By preserving a child’s innate sense of curiosity and wonder we will foster active and engaged life-long learners.

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