SNIS Middle Years Program (SMYP)

SNIS Middle Years Program (SMYP),

For Grades 6-8, is a unique design built on the Cambridge Lower Secondary framework that incorporates the best of Cambridge IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP). SMSP is offered to students who have completed their primary year program of any qualifications to join us in Grade 6.

In SMSP, students come into contact with learning by making connections between the classroom and the world outside. They are encouraged to take on challenges that necessitate critical thinking, inquisitiveness, open-mindedness, collaboration, and decision-making.

They are participants of a diverse, inclusive, and respectful community, and they are involved in events and discussions on issues that have current and immediate relevance. As they venture from the campus to the unknown world, they learn to be responsible citizens within their school, their society, and the larger world. The SMSPs’ unique design enhances students’ deep learning that are purely and in the strictest sense, observation-grounded, concept based and value beyond the class room.

Language Arts – Amalgamating Humanities and Language (History, English as First Language & English as Second Language), Integrated Sciences, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Geography, II Language and Math form the core of the SMSP. Additionally students have greater exposure to the culture and tradition of our country and the larger globe through Art, Music and Dance. Their mental and Physical robustness is augmented through Physical Education. Design Thinking & TED develop the students’ natural ability to think and respond beyond the walls- not just of the classroom, but any divider between their learning and real life application.

Regular Assessments check students’ conceptual understanding. Parents are informed of their wards’ progress through two Mid Semester Exams (MSE) and Two Semester End Exams (SEE). The review tests in between the two exams (MSE1 and SEE1) are more like booster tests that reinforces the concepts and skills. Student Tracker – a continuous comprehensive tracker measures learner dispositions.

Middle school years are challenging and exciting times for students as they transition from childhood to adolescence. Our teachers guide them during this phase and provide a rich programme of exploratory experiences which instil reflectiveness, responsibility, confidence, and innovation in our students.

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