How to Prepare for Studying Abroad in the Right University

The time between high school and college is usually a tricky place where students are anxious about getting into the right college or preparing to study abroad and getting a head-start on their career path in the future. And before you know it, it’ll be time to fill out your college applications and get ready to choose the right destination and university offering the right programmes that will endorse your academic success in college.

The challenges that come with preparing for life in college as a high school student require some time and effort to get around. The road to college preparation starts early in every student’s academic journey, especially if you’re planning to study abroad, and it demands a good set of research, dedication and commitment to building the foundation of their future success. Here are some effective tips to help high school students begin early on that college preparation, and plan for success at university and life beyond.


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Develop Soft Skills 


School life is essentially the right time for students to cultivate most of their soft skills and communication skills. Actively participating in school activities and events outside of schoolwork is a great way to learn new things and work on essential life skills such as teamwork, leadership, personality development, and emotional intelligence. Taking an active part in extra-curricular activities in school time will help you explore your personal interests and gain proficiencies that go beyond the classroom and regular school assignments. At SNIS, we leverage our IB Boarding educational framework to introduce a recreational regime in our students’ boarding schedule with curated extracurricular activities – in Sports, Arts, Music, Dance, Robotics, club activities like STEAM, Reading & Debate, MUN, and many more. We encourage our students to take an active part in our IB Boarding standard extracurricular and sports activities to promote an all-round development and a holistic learning curve.



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Build your Academic Interest

High school is the place where students start their journey of academic learning touching on different subject groups and recognizing their intellectual strengths. Whether it’s science, theatre, geography or English literature that sparks your interest, getting an early kickstart on your favorite subject areas will bring some clarity into your career aspirations in the future. Paying attention to your personal interests along with a good academic education will also help you build a good educational portfolio for college applications if you plan to study abroad in your chosen university. At SNIS IB Boarding School, we provide dedicated admission counselling sessions and guide students on the study abroad application process, shedding light on their best career options to go for.



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Gear up for Life in University/College

As a high school student, there is much to learn and experience in school life to prepare for a college education, and the time is now. It’s important for students to recognize their strengths in high school and find their focus while gearing up for new opportunities and adventures in college. From entrance examinations to subject rankings, to sorting accommodations and employment opportunities, an extensive research into the right institution, destination and the right programmes for you is the way to go if your goal is to gain an international college education. While dedicating the time to plan and work to get college-ready, students also need to brush up on the life skills they’ll need in their college life to thrive in an active, independent lifestyle. Students at SNIS IB Boarding School are consistently exposed to meaningful learning experiences that polish their skills and prepare them for the intellectual challenges of further education and their future careers.


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