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A Comprehensive SAT Study Guide for Students Preparing to Study Abroad

Planning to study abroad puts many challenges on the road for students to face in the wake of today’s cutthroat competition with soaring college applications and

Why Students Should Aspire to Study Abroad

Aspiring to study abroad gives students immediate access to a diverse pool of opportunities from top-of-the-class education and international exposure to the

5 Step Guide to Easily Prepare for the SAT exam

In the midst of highly competitive college admissions, preparing for the SAT exam is not an easy challenge today. The SAT exam is considered a significant standardized

Benefits of Studying an International Baccalaureate Curriculum at School

One of the most important aspects of school education is to cultivate highly knowledgeable and well-rounded thinkers who can flourish physically, intellectually,

How a Boarding School helps in developing all round ability.

In boarding school, students don’t have their parents to keep watch on them all the time. Instead, the school makes many of the important decisions

Why Should You Choose International Education?

All education can enlighten an individual but international education gives an edge to the receiver. Here we discuss some reasons for why you should choose international education

Taking Care of Your Teenagers!

Teenage is the precursor to adulthood. It is, however, a delicate and decisive time for those going through it. Teenagers are

Why Foreign Students Choose Indian Boarding Schools?

Indian boarding schools have been a sought after destination for students from all around the world. As more and more boarding schools open in India and adopt international curriculums as their

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