Benefits of Studying an International Baccalaureate Curriculum at School


One of the most important aspects of school education is to cultivate highly knowledgeable and well-rounded thinkers who can flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically in a rapidly advancing global landscape. The International Baccalaureate curriculum programme emphasises on the interdisciplinary learning pedagogies to develop the 21st century skills to foster students’ holistic development not just in academics, but also in their social, personal, and emotional cognitive development.

IB students are generally expected to demonstrate a higher level of knowledge, skills and global understanding with the kind of international and multicultural exposure they gain in their formative years at school. The study conducted by the Education Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) confirms that IB students develop the knowledge, skills for success at university as they prepare for their first year at university with the International Baccalaureate curriculum as it focuses strongly on building the key problem solving, critical thinking, research, analysis and writing skills in students.

Some of the key benefits offered by the International Baccalaureate curriculum to the students of the 21st century are as follows:


International schools in bangalore High Acceptance Rate


Getting an international education with an International Baccalaureate curriculum covers a core part of standardised educational programmes and increases the chances of getting accepted in top-ranking universities abroad. IB diploma students have comparatively higher university acceptance rates than the candidates who have studied under other school boards. IB programme inculcates an interdisciplinary method of instruction which equips the students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed at university and life beyond. Studies have shown that IB students have a greater chance to get scholarship admissions with a valuable international educational exposure. Rigorous IB curriculum and assessment programmes are also considered strong predictors of success at university and university performance based on real-time data.


International schools in bangalore Develop Highly Skilled and Disciplined Individuals


Students studying in an IB School are actively motivated to think critically and drive their own learning journey and are more involved in their own academic and personal growth. Studies have shown that IB programmes emphasising an international mindedness in students, the IB standard of education focuses on developing a unique set of skills, knowledge, and awareness that meets the demands of the 21st century corporate workplace. Students studying the IB programme also cultivate independent thinking skills in a disciplined environment that builds their self-confidence to approach new opportunities with a growth mindset at university and life beyond. At SNIS Boarding School in Bangalore, we build resilient learners with an international schooling environment and the International Baccalaureate curriculum that nurtures the students’ skills and personality development in a close-knit community culture.


International schools in bangalore Develop a Global Perspective


Having been exposed to an international school environment the students are also much more culturally sensitive and aware. They also get a chance to learn a second language and are able to easily engage with people and have the open-mindedness to develop a global perspective. With a widened experience of international exposure students grow up to be more culturally receptive and appreciative of different cultures around the world, equipping them to succeed an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world. The International Baccalaureate curriculum at the SNIS Boarding School in Bangalore exhibits a multicultural educational exposure for students to develop into globally receptive citizens with a well-rounded international outlook.




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