Taking Care of Your Teenagers!

Teenage is the precursor to adulthood. It is, however, a delicate and decisive time for those going through it. Teenagers are faced with questions about their career and self-identity. While non-compliant behavior and rebellion is not necessarily the way in which all teenagers express themselves, it is one of the most common behavior patterns in teenagers. Parents and Schools might struggle with such behavior and end up not acknowledging it, making things worse for themselves and their teenagers. One of the best strategies when faced with teenage rebellion is to communicate about it in an open and sincere manner.  We discuss some strategies you can adopt in the face of teenage tantrums and rebellion-


Express and Let Express

What can really help you and your teenage child to communicate about this phase in human development with each other. Making the child feel safe and valued should be your priority. Children are more likely to express themselves when they feel safe and accepted. Giving your teenagers a conducive environment where they can talk about their feelings, fears and desires will help you know them better and nudge them towards responsible decision making. SNIS, a top boarding school in Bangalore provides a comfortable environment to their student so that they can share their emotional feelings with professional teachers.


Let Them Decide

Allow your children to become independent, responsible decision making. Make them realize that their decisions affect their own lives immensely. Don’t impose your own thoughts or decisions on them by claiming that ‘you know better’. Reach a decision through logic and rationality. Teenagers might feel a need to challenge authority and power so don’t be authoritative with them. Tenderness and patience are your best friends with teenagers.


Give Them Space

Don’t let your children feel that you don’t trust them. Give them the space to be themselves and respect their privacy. Try to communicate your trust and faith on them while also letting them know that they can come to you with any problem. SNIS boarding school in Bangalore provides 60 acres of green, healthy and secure campus for students when they want to spend so time with themselves.


Do Your Research

Reading and researching about the cycle of human development can prepare you better for what to expect during teenage. Familiarize yourself with the biological and psychological changes that take place during teenage. Discuss this with your teenager so that they can make sense of what is happening to them too.



All teenagers are undergoing a lot at the physical, emotional and psychological level and SNIS boarding school faculty and admin staff completely understand these changes Students at their teenage struggle with their studies, interpersonal relations, extra-curricular activities, etc. SNIS boarding school have highly trained teachers who help students to overcome these tough times and show them the correct path to move ahead in life.

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