Why Foreign Students Choose Indian Boarding Schools?


Indian boarding schools have been a sought after destination for students from all around the world. As more and more boarding schools open in India and adopt international curriculums as their mode of study, we see a rise even in the rise in the number of foreign students. Below we discuss some reasons for why India has become a popular spot for boarding schools-


Excellent Teachers and Infrastructure


Indian boarding schools not only hire the most qualified teachers but also provide students the best kind of infrastructure which ensures all round development of the learners. Teachers in boarding schools are not only teachers but also become like an extended family… a support system for the students. These schools also have the best sports and other facilities, well experienced coaches for sports and co-curriculum activities to ensure that students get a wholesome exposure.


Competitive Fee Structure


Indian boarding schools are work out to be cost competitive, especially  for students from Europe, North America, Australia et al. Students are able to get world quality education at an affordable rate in India which is a major attraction for students from all over the world.


Multi Board Facility


Boarding schools in India have multi board facilities, that is, education is offered through many boards including international curriculum such as Cambridge and IB. This gives students a choice to choose from all these options for what works the best for them.


Quality Education in English


For students from non-English speaking countries, India is the perfect destination for quality, affordable education in English. In various non-English speaking countries, there is a lack of quality education in English. At the same time, we know that today, English language proficiency is a necessary requirement for success especially in the USA, which is the dream destination for many students. Students from such countries are able to find the education they desire in India and hence come and study in these schools.



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