The Importance of Shaping Students Outside the Classroom

‘Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of the learners.’ – John Holt

As we progress into a world steered by rapid technological change, global shifts and business trends, it is becoming increasingly important to take student education outside the bounds of the classroom. Creating an environment that fosters the attitude of lifelong growth and learning in young minds will yield a holistic approach to student development. Integrating an inquiry-based curriculum that ignites the spark of curiosity in children and shapes their life skills, will equip them to explore life opportunities beyond their academic pursuit. Let’s look at the fundamental learning concepts that are integral to taking student education ahead of the classroom and beyond their school life.

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  Prioritize a ‘Thinking’ Philosophy

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Foster Lifelong Learners

As students start their learning journey in their formative years, their concept of growth is simultaneously solidified in their value system. Stepping onto new milestones one after the other, from college to building a career and juggling different job roles, the growth chart of every person tells a different story. Fostering this mindset of lifelong growth and self-guided learning will essentially teach students to consistently reskill, upskill and learn new skills to meet the demands of today’s fast paced world on both professional and personal fronts and boost their self-esteem. Encouraging students to cultivate active learning relationships is vital to teach them to ‘learn from their mistakes’ without seeing it as a defeat.


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  Emphasis on Physical Development

At SNIS International Boarding School near Whitefield, we leverage our IB Boarding educational framework to introduce a recreational regime in the student’s boarding schedule with curated extracurricular activities – in Sports, Arts, Music, Dance, Robotics, club activities like STEAM, Reading & Debate, MUN, and many more.

Facilitated by trained teachers and experts, we conduct various after-school co-curricular activities to nurture active, alert, and well-balanced individuals:

  • Yoga and Meditation Sessions
  • Specialized Coaching for Sports
  • Indian & Western Dance, Drama/Theatre, Drawing, Painting, Craft
  • “Multi-Skill” sessions with innovative game formats
  • Creative activities in Music, Art, Dance, and Drama/Theatre
  • Academic Support from on-campus teachers
  • Student counseling for the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of our boarders
  • Outings for fun excursions and educational outbound adventure trips

Sharanya Narayani International School is India’s premier International Boarding School near Whitefield, Bangalore, with first-class international schooling programs to nurture students with an interdisciplinary curriculum delivered through an inquiry-based teaching approach. At SNIS International Boarding School near Whitefield, Bangalore, we bring value to the students’ intellectual growth in an international schooling environment that nurtures their creativity and develops critical thinking skills in close-knit community culture.



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