How to Make the Most Out of Your School Life?





School life is one of the earliest learning phases in a student’s life and it sure is a mix of emotions with new friendships, a ton of fun experiences, and happy memories.  It is also the chapter of our lives that essentially shapes most of our attributes, abilities, talents, and personal skills as a person.  Often we don’t realize when time flies by and how we will find ourselves looking back at those school memories, and get nostalgic. But you can tackle this fear of missing out (FOMO) with some things that you can do to treasure this transitioning period and make the most out of your school life.


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  Explore your Personal Interests

As a student, school is a great place to experiment and push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and try new things. Explore your personal interests and go for the things that inspire you as a person. This will help you figure out your strengths at a young age and find out the things that you’re best at. Exploring different subject areas in dynamic ways will introduce some clarity on your career path in the future. School education is one of the vital stages of life that offers you the golden opportunity to consider different career fields and greatly hint at your future aspirations as a professional. With all-time access to the international schooling facilities at SNIS IB Boarding School, students are encouraged to pursue their individual interests and fully explore their young minds to chase their passion in early childhood.



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Don’t Pass on Active Participation

School life is not only centered on devouring books and tertiary academics, but it is also about exploring different aspects of student education. Active participation and involvement in school activities help develop some great soft skills like leadership, teamwork, social skills, communication skills, personality development, and emotional intelligence. Take advantage of your time at school and try your hands at interesting extracurricular activities like Art & DIY Craft Projects, Debates, Theatre, Sports, and Student Media that’ll fire up your creativity and enhance your social acumen to build a consistent growth mindset. At SNIS, we leverage our IB Boarding educational framework to introduce a recreational regime in our students’ boarding schedule with curated extracurricular activities – in Sports, Arts, Music, Dance, Robotics, club activities like STEAM, Reading & Debate, MUN, and many more. We encourage our students to take an active part in our IB Boarding standard extracurricular and sports activities to promote an all-round development and a holistic learning curve.


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  Use those Student Discounts

Managing your own expenses as a student is a great skill to learn during school life. While every student learns the art of budgeting tracking their core expenses of school supplies, personal expenses, entertainment spending, and more, student discounts act as a cushion for day-to-day expenses. From the movies to adventure park tickets and clothing deals, student discounts are a great catch to use while you can in your school years.  Don’t miss out on the sweet deals on your student card while you’re out and about, because you will miss the take away once you graduate.


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  Savor your Time at School

The cliché about school life is that it’ll turn out to be the best time of your life. And it is true. These are the years that essentially shape your strengths and weaknesses, and define the person you will become in the future. It is natural to feel like you have a ton of time left to make new school memories, but before you realize it, you’ll soon be thinking about what to write on those graduation cards. The experience is unique for every student, but the nostalgia will hit you soon before you know it. Explore your school life with a ton of new experiences and pack up the ride with fun adventures and happy friendships to savor your school life in the most memorable ways.
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