How Covid-19 has Changed the Way Students Learn in the Digital Age

The education industry had long been slumbering in terms of traditional classroom schooling, and an all-encompassing transformation of the pedagogies was overdue in the light of the ‘internet of things’ in the digital age.

As Covid-19 pandemic hit the world at a sudden spot putting human life at a standstill, it has also caught the education sector in a bind with schools shut down all across the world. It has forced the modern education system to move away from traditional classroom methods of teaching, and engage new technology and innovative teaching methods to impart knowledge.

With virtual classrooms, video conferences and technology-enhanced learning, the era of online education has now picked up the tune of the digital age to fit the current dynamics of home study during the pandemic. Innovating and reinventing the advent of student education, the world is now embracing technology as a rescue aid for an enhanced learning experience with modern coaching methods that may well persist in the post-pandemic education system. 


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Even before the pandemic hit the world, the trend of e-learning has been making ripples in education technology, digitizing the education sector refreshing the way education is imparted to students today. With a radical shift of traditional classroom education onto dedicated online platforms, students gain modular access to the study material to learn at their own pace and engage in self-study sessions more often. Studies show that on average, students learn 40-60% faster and retain 25-60% more material through online learning than only 8-10% in a classroom. 


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 Online Classroom

Online Classroom is one of the essential elements of student teaching-learning process in the digital age. Being hostage to an isolated school setting during the pandemic, online teaching conferences are ideal for bigger class groups on multiple platforms such as Zoom and Blackboard. Students can interact with teachers through online conferences, chat groups, video meetings to share document sharing and clear doubts, especially during this pandemic. Moving the educational platform online, students are also able to re-read, skip and focus on other additional topics as per the convenience of both teachers and the students. At SNIS International School near Whitefield, Bangalore, we focus on developing key life skills and promote critical thinking rather than traditional academic skills with additional inquiry-based programs for holistic development. 

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 Mobile Applications

The digital word of education relies heavily today on the integration of mobile apps to keep track of the attendance, school schedule and to communicate effectively with the students during the pandemic. Engaging students with interactive and personalized techniques, mobile apps notably enhance the learning process with clever integration of important concepts in games, quiz contests and puzzles. Especially in a virtual school environment, mobile apps are marking their presence in the world of online school education with smart apps to schedule classes, track school work, and share latest school updates with the parents and students. 

With Smart classrooms, iPads, and a digital library to support the teaching-learning process, students at SNIS International School near Whitefield, Bangalore, are offered a technology-enhanced learning experience that aligns school education with professional skill requirements that they will need within a few years.Open document settings

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