What Kind of School is Right for Your Child’s Education?


In a society that is fueled by the advancing technology and innovation in the business market, education is the basis of a child’s personal growth which is always a work in progress. The different facets of the traditional classroom education are making the radical shift to a technologically enhanced learning space in the digital era powered by the benefits of advanced classroom learning.

Amongst many institutions of higher education, both day and boarding schools have made the significant shift to a pedagogy that is technologically inspired to provide their students with an enhanced and holistic learning experience. From traditional classroom learning in a day school to an all-round boarding education, the approach to student teaching and learning considerably differs in building the foundation of academic education. Here are some key points of contention to help you determine the best learning environment for your child’s education.


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Learning Environment

The growth of a child’s intellectual and higher-level thinking capabilities is encapsulated in the learning environment that helps them cultivate these capabilities and social skills in their formative years. One major difference between day schools and boarding schools is the exposure to a round-the-clock educational atmosphere promoting continuous learning that goes beyond the bounds of the classroom. This is a great advantage to boarders that benefit from a holistic learning environment that integrates their personal development to develop social skills and explore individual interests to emerge as progressive thinking individuals. At SNIS International school near Whitefield, we provide our students with a nurturing and supportive learning environment to help them excel in a wide range of disciplines beyond academic development.



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Academics & Extra-Curricular Activities

Both day schools and boarding schools offer world-class academic education affiliated with International schooling standards and globally reputed exam boards such as International Baccalaureate, Cambridge International and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum. Benchmarked with the latest innovation and digital teaching tools, school institutions are actively embracing the creative excellence of educational technology to produce a positive effect on student performance with self-paced learning. 

Co-curricular activities play a big part of student personality development and individual growth to cultivate personal capabilities and develop social skills. With premium sports facilities and incessant opportunities for extra-curricular activities at SNIS International school near Whitefield, students can try their hands at a wide range of activities in sports, arts, music, dance, club activities, MUN, TED and specialized labs for computers, language, science and robotics science, and robotics to develop natural abilities and explore individual interests.

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 The Core of Student Education

Besides the academic schooling that is centered to a child’s basic foundation of student learning, the main focus of the education must be outlined by the parents in light of core subjects, level of academic standards, teaching approach and the mode of academic learning. Many day and boarding schools offer an elaborate multidisciplinary curriculum in foreign language, media communication and film studies, art and sciences. To give the programme a holistic approach, at SNIS International school near Whitefield, we include community service initiatives in the framework. In addition, to focus on Sports, Arts, Music, Dance, Robotics, various club activities like STEAM, Reading & Debate, MUN and many more are also facilitated by trained teachers and experts as a core part of the curriculum.

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