We Should All Grow Our Own Vegetables

We Should All Grow Our Own Vegetables by Ib schools in bangalore

We Should All Grow Our Own Vegetables

People should grow their own food because it is a safe way of eating. Few people say that it is hard and difficult to grow our own food. They say it takes lots of time and patience to grow vegetables. What they don’t know is that, at the end it is worth the wait and effort. We can get fresh and organic vegetables and fruits from home gardening. And what’s more, it gives us happiness and satisfaction too.

In my school, Sharanya Narayani International School, my Homeroom teacher told us to decide on a New Year Resolution and do a time line chart on how and when we are going to achieve it, at the beginning of the year. One of my resolutions were gardening. I grew a few flowering plants and a tomato plant. When my plant gave me the first tomato I was very happy. I was excited to harvest it from my plant. And till now, it has given me 3 tomatoes. I used my first tomato to make a tomato slice chat. The second and third one for a curry. All these are my favourite dishes and it tasted great. I truly enjoyed the experience. I thank my school for helping me find a healthy hobby!

Many farmers spray harmful insecticides and pesticides on the plants, vegetables and fruits. They do this to prevent insects and pests from harming the plants. Middlemen apply wax and other dangerous things to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time. We do not do that to our produce. Hence, we can consume healthy food.

Also, growing crops helps the environment by giving us fresh air. We can grow them in our compound, balcony and window sills too. Simple vegetables like chilies, fenugreek and coriander can be grown. It adds beauty to our home too. Home gardening has become a trend now. There is a lot of content online, to guide us about how to grow plants at home. Videos on you tube, photos and guidance material on gardening websites are available abundantly. So, it’s very easy to learn to grow vegetables. After some practice and patience, we become better at it.

A country that comes to my mind while talking about this is, Japan. Many schools in Japan make the kids part of growing vegetables in school. Time is allocated for plucking the produce, cutting and cooking with it. They do it to teach children the value of food. Many children waste food. This can be avoided.

We can save money too. Shopping can be reduced because of growing our own produce.

Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and for the souls. Hence for a happier and healthy life, grow your own food and experience the joy.


B.S.Naga Sai Anagha,
Grade 4.



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