SNIS, My School – A PYP student’s account

SNIS, My School – A PYP student’s account

My school’s name is Sharanya Narayani International School. It is near Hoskote in Bangalore.

My school is great and very popular in Bangalore. Recently my school received a major acknowledgment and reward. SNIS was ranked as India’s top 9 and Bangalore’s top 5 International Day cum Boarding School, 2020 – 2021 by Education World Magazine.   I feel proud to be part of SNIS. I love SNIS because it has a very cool and friendly culture and the teachers are very understanding. They are also very loving and kind. SNIS is also a very creative school. We can express our feelings freely. That is one of the main reasons why I love SNIS so much.

My school building is huge and it looks beautiful. There is a small, beautiful temple near our entry gate. There is a huge playground where we play many games like football, cricket, basketball, volleyball and kabaddi. There are many indoor and outdoor clubs for archery, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming pool, dance, music and art.  There are some physical training clubs where our coaches train us for various tournaments. There are some classes for juniors like ICT, robotics and meditation. There is a huge library which is loaded with several books and magazines. There is big cafeteria. They make so many tasty dishes in which my favourite is chicken biryani.

Our school Principal’s name is Ms. Lakshmi Reddy. Our coordinator is Mr.  Kapil Mehrotra. Our class teachers are Ms Shenoba and Ms Sheba. There are so many other teachers for different subjects. Our teachers are hardworking, supportive and kind. They take lots of efforts to teach us. There are twenty-two students in our class. We all play and learn together.

Our school conducts various activities like competitions, presentations, art and craft, making models and conducting experiments. We have annual day and sports day programs also. We all participate in these programs. Every year our school takes us to several educational and fun field trips.

I love my school and I feel proud to be a part of it. Finally, I would like to thank my school, for being one of the best international schools in Bangalore. A big thank you to my wonderful teachers for their knowledge and expertise and for taking on the challenge of teaching all of us with grace, humour and enthusiasm

Ira Karthik Naig
Grade 4


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