School Captain’s Address

School Captain’s Address

I believe it is fair to say that most students in my school, Sharanya Narayani International School, one of the top residential schools in Bangalore know me, for different reasons albeit. As a top IGCSE and IB school in Bangalore with heterogeneous multitude of students, we have a fine blend of emerging personalities with diverse perspectives and identities. Amidst all these differences, some students know me as a senior while some of them know me as a football player and the selected few know me as their classmate. But, I can confidently say that all students know me as one thing: a friend, a person they can approach without fear, a senior who is willing to listen to them.  Having spoken to almost every student over the past 3 years I have spent in this top international school in Bangalore, I believe that I have helped each one of them to make a difference. I have tried my best to be a shoulder to those who need one and an extended arm of support to the juniors who asked for help.

As the school captain of this best international school in Bangalore, one of the first responsibilities, I had to undertake was to give my best every day to everyone regardless of my emotions and personal biases. I had to learn how to represent my school, showcasing strength, passion, and commitment. Till date I had accumulated achievements over the years including taking part in four different sports competitions on the same day on Sportivo and getting silver in three of them and organizing an online MUN for two years while managing my studies and taking up the role of sports captain and activities captain during my three years at this best boarding school in Bangalore.

Nevertheless, this year was always going to be a different challenge. This challenge was about putting a face to these achievements; it was being the pillar that stood strong even if the castle around me crumbled. So, while I was proud of all I had achieved on paper, my best achievements were and always have been the ones I have achieved on a daily basis. Simple affairs like talking to juniors and seeing them excited or talking to someone who had a bad day and seeing them feel better, or even just making someone smile with a small joke or a witty pun.

The prestigious and valued position as the school captain has given me the chance to highlight the importance of respecting opinions and promoting amicable discussions and SNIS, being one of the top international residential schools in Bangalore, that is highly needed. I am thankful that students of SNIS have given me the opportunity to take the lead by electing me as their school captain, and I now face the challenge to work till “tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection” as Rabindranath Tagore rightly poetries.

By – Arnav Timmapur

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