My way to SNIS

My way to SNIS

I was once a student who liked to sit on the couch and play video games. Once I switched to Sharanya Narayani International School (SNIS), one of the top international boarding schools in Bangalore, I became a person who loved sports. The huge football fields, the cricket ground and the basketball court caught my attention and got me to love sports. As we follow IB, which also teaches us, how to choose what you eat, exercise and be healthy to lead a good life. At SNIS, we also have lot of time for sports and it is an integral part of the daily system as we have many PE classes.

As a top international school in Bangalore, SNIS hosts many interschool sport events for different age groups and multiple sports. The inter school events are very fun as we get to meet people from other schools and we get chance to support or play for SNIS. Through these events, we also learn many life skills such as sportsmanship (fair and generous behavior or treatment of others), self-discipline and teamwork (work with others if you are playing team sports) are few of them. We have already hosted 3-4 events in the last 4-5 months, which were a great learning experience.

Being a student of Sharanya Narayani International School, has helped me in so many ways. SNIS, being one of the top residential schools in Bangalore has altered my lifestyle as a whole. To conclude, SNIS is trying to make students healthier and teach them life skills through sports, which is a major part in life.

-By  Ishaan Reddy (8A)

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