My SNIS Life

My SNIS Life

I’m Sriya from Grade 6. I joined Sharanya Narayani International School as a grade 3 student. As you all know, SNIS is located in Bengaluru and is considered one of the top boarding schools in Bangalore. When I came to this school campus for the first time, I felt as if I was in a resort because of the beauty of the campus.

My homeroom teachers helped me adjust to SNIS, one of the best international schools in Bangalore very fast. I am blessed to get good loving and supportive friends in the form of schoolmates and classmates too. Being not only an IB School but also an IGCSE school in Bangalore with its own unique support system, the guidance and support of all the teachers helped me a lot to go on the right track. I enjoy the music class, art class, and dance classes. The school has a fantabulous library with a vast collection of different genres of books for each age group of children. Being one of the best residential schools in Bangalore, SNIS offers a lot of sports activities as we have a basketball court, cricket & football fields, badminton courts, volleyball court, throwball court, indoor games, and swimming pools.

During my PYP classes, especially in the science-related units in UOI, our homeroom teachers take us to the laboratories to show experiments. Our school has well-equipped physics, chemistry, and biology laboratories. We are provided with very advanced computer and design labs in the school. The school has a spacious cafeteria where students are served healthy and delicious food. Students are getting chances to showcase their talents through different clubs and house activities. After-school activities like sports, dance, and music classes are enriching the school life of the students. We can opt for our favorite activity and can practice with expert teachers.

One of the exciting elements during my PYP was my PYP Exhibition when I was in grade 5. I got a chance to collaborate with my friends and it helped me improve my confidence. All the teachers are very dedicated, caring, and motivating and have lots of patience. The members of the non-teaching staff in this international school in Bangalore are loving and very cooperative. I will always feel that SNIS is my second home. I am very proud to be a member of the SNIS family

By Sriya of Grade 6

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