My Journey in SharanyaNarayani International School

My Journey in SharanyaNarayani International School

I am Siddhant Mehrotra, studying in Grade 4 at SharanyaNarayani International School, one of the best international schools in Bangalore that caters to both IB and IGCSE curricula. Let me share my unique experience about my journey in this top IB school in Bangalore.

When I first set foot in this international school in Bangalore, I was partially frightened because of the new atmosphere and at the same time I was curious to know what we would learn. I joined SNIS: one of the top international schools in Bangalore, in 2017 for my K1 grade. I was eager to choose my house colour. There was Sequoia (Red), Magnolia (Green), Aspen (Yellow), and Juniper (Blue). I chose Sequoia because red was my favourite colour. The school has a boarding house (one of the best), a huge cafeteria, assembly hall, a large library with cozy sitting places motivating us to read, indoor sports area, large football field, tennis court, cricket field, music room and a dance hall. After I saw all the facilities, I felt fortunate to be studying in this top boarding school in Bangalore.

When I entered the K1 classroom, I felt happy and anxious as it was my first day of regular school. I met my new teacher; my new classmates and I saw my new class. It was very fancy and was perfect for kids of my age. When my teacher taugh tus, she made us learn through “hands-on activities”. After lunch, we had a particular nap time which I never used to sleep in and kept running around the room.

I learned phonics in K1 and was able to read 2 letter and 3 letter words. I also developed my communication skills and social skills by doing group activities. In K2 I started socializing with the kids of higher grades and with my bus mates. I started to gain knowledge about different topics through my Unit of Inquiry. I developed my thinking skills by diving deeper into my units.

After I finished my kindergarten, I was promoted to Primary Grade 1. Unfortunately, there was a pandemic that made the school shut down. We had a break of one month then we started online classes. There were new rules such as “Raise your hand when you want to speak”. It was nice for me because we got to learn how to behave in a community. By following all those rules online, we got to develop our technological skills and self-management skills. Our units got a bit complex as we grew, but our knowledge grew as we learned. Then we had a break and then started Grade 2, new students joined and me and my friends had to help them settle in the school. When they had difficulty in catching up, we used to use our free time to help them.

It had been 4 semesters, I went to grade 3, a senior grade and I had developed several skills from the past years such as technological skills, social skills, thinking skills, research skills and communication skills. It was a pleasure for me to go to third grade and do a lot of critical thinking and the activities were a bit more complicated than usual. Next semester I was promoted to grade 4, the grade I am studying in right now. It is now necessary to put on my thinking cap because we need all that critical thinking going on in our minds. At the end of semester, I will go to grade 5, which is the grade before MYP. Also, the hardest grade for all of PYP and PYP seniors. In grade 5 there will be an election of who will be the house vice-captain and to get that title I need to have lots of responsibility. At SNIS, both an IGCSE and IB school in Bangalore, over the years I have become a more organised and a responsible person. I am aware of my surroundings and have become a more open-minded being. Through this journey, I can conclude that I am in the best place to study and groom myself into an independent, international minded global citizen.

-Siddhant Mehrotra (Grade 4)

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