My Home Away Home Experience at SNIS.

My Home Away Home Experience at SNIS.

Boarding at SNIS, the top boarding school in Bangalore has changed me in numerous ways – of that which I present myself to others, and understanding people’s intentions.


As a person with social anxiety, who has trouble with talking with literally anyone and struggles with their identity. I have failed to make meaningful connections with people way earlier when I joined here in this IGCSE and IB school in Bangalore. But this time, I have made friendships that were more meaningful – I would define it as having fun with them; such as playing cards, pillow fights or talking at midnight. It was endearing, it’s like you feel proud of yourself when you make those connections.


The past is certainly delightful, but the thought of going back might sound terrifying and might send you into a perturbed state. This abstract concept of “feeling good” and “identity” is a magnificent feat within the realm of human conscience. I have felt this concept and these experiences I have gone through, all in a fraction of images – lingering like a crawling parasite onto its host. Out of which, my identity has changed throughout these years in this best residential school in Bangalore. When people think of ‘identity’, people often think about the ways one might represent oneself. That hazy effect when you enjoy being in the present, I have truly felt during a certain time. It was beautiful, but it had to dissipate – almost into a seed. That same seed used to grow a tree of which memories you cherish the most. It’s not the fact that boarding changed me, it has helped me to grow in a prosperous path – to value others. Although, I do admit I have caused trouble, I was terrified and my mind has misguided me into thinking everything is threatening. I know this might sound unnecessary, but I always had a soft spot for everyone even when I am terrified. From these past years of my educational life in this best international school in Bangalore, I would like to thank the people who were once here and are currently here. I humbly, will cherish those memories onto a seed that will once grow into a tree almost as big as the Yggdrasil – encompassing the entire earth.


Clouds gray, fallen stars, and rain drizzling-
Thunders call and lightning smites,
Whoever appears at these times,
May appear to be a beast of foreign lands,
Silhouette of a figure unseen-
Your perplexion embroidered with ghastly fear,
Is it natural or artificial?
You ponder.
Your mind holds your thought-
The monster you were looking at,
was you.
Unhindered, Undisclosed-
An apparent nobody.

 By- Nithil Sivakumar
Grade 12

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