My experience at the Trinity Music Exams

My experience at the Trinity Music Exams

“Where words fail, Music speaks”

~Hans Christian Anderson                                                                             

Have you ever been to SNIS? SNIS stands for Sharanya Narayani International School. It is one of the best IB schools in Bangalore and one of the top international schools in India. It is an IB Continuum School and has IB trained teachers. It is a very big eco-friendly campus. It is ranked 5th in Karnataka and 9th in India in the category of International Day-cum-Boarding School, by EducationWorld magazine. Our school has about 400 students. Many are from foreign countries.

SNIS offers IB curriculum.  It helps in holistic development of children. It not only provides quality education but also has many extracurricular activities, like competitions, Sportivo’s, inter-house competitions, online quizzes, PBL’s (project-based learning) and many more. The teachers in SNIS are kind and supportive. They encourage us to take part in all the activities in and out of school. We have sports, art, programming, music, robotics, and many competitions are hosted on our campus. The school also has its own cafeteria. Children are provided with fresh and healthy food for their physical development. Dormitory facilities are there for students and staff who choose to stay at the school campus. Overall, as one of the  top boarding schools in Bangalore, SNIS provides a safe and healthy environment for the students and staff.

Let me, Arjun Sridhar, studying in Grade 5 at Sharanya Narayani International School, talk about one of my favourite subjects at school, that is ‘Music’.  Music being an important part of the IB curriculum, helps students work on their vocals and instrumentals by having a dedicated staff to help us integrate music with our learning. SNIS made me develop my interest in music. My music facilitator insisted and motivated me to take a music examination, conducted by Trinity College of London. It developed my skills and knowledge of music. I worked hard to learn my pieces and scales on my keyboard, and in the process I learned many new things.

Learning a musical instrument also improves how the brain understands human language. Music helped me improve my scores academically, as I could concentrate more in the class. Music also helped me increase my confidence. The most interesting part, reading music includes learning quarter, half, and whole notes, which are essentially fractions. So, I am learning maths through music. Now let me share my experience in preparing for the exam. Before taking the exam, I would play perfectly without much trouble but when I got to the examination centre, I was totally freaking out. My hands were sweating like crazy, and I was very nervous. But I was still confident because my teacher had taught me how to play it properly. The examiner was kind, and I played all my pieces perfectly except for one because my hand slipped dragging the keys. But except for a few mistakes I think I did well. This is all a part of learning, isn’t it?

 I love being at Sharanya Narayani International School, one of the top boarding schools in Bangalore. I have been studying at SNIS for 7 years now. The school has been improving a lot. The teachers, the facility, and the campus here are all so child friendly. And I hope to stay here till I complete my 12th Grade. The school makes me want to stay young forever.

-By Arjun Sridhar,
Grade 5 B

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