Maintaining a healthy Parent-child relationship at boarding school

Maintaining a healthy Parent-child relationship at boarding school

Maintaining a healthy Parent-child relationship at boarding school

The parent-child relationship is a key factor for developing a child’s social, physical, and emotional development. A unique bond helps build personality, choices, and overall behaviour. Children also gain problem-solving skills if the parents maintain a positive relationship. However, sometimes, students must move far for necessary things for better life and career. Boarding schools are places where children learn to face challenges now and in the future but to acquire this facility, and they have to move away from their parents. If a parent thinks about offering high-quality education in Bangalore city, they mostly search online for the Best boarding school in Bangalore and examine them before admission. After admission, parents may face little problems maintaining healthy relationships with their children. Leaving it leads to many issues, sometimes impacting your child’s future. Here, we discuss how parents can tackle these communication barriers and maintain a good parent-child relationship through boarding.

Understand the significance of communication

Relationships with fellow human beings can be stronger only if you communicate regularly. Consistent communication with your child at boarding school helps parents to maintain a healthy relationship. Every parent must maintain a schedule on how they will connect with their child when they are away from them.

People use many communication modes, such as video chats, voice calls, emails, or messages. Most prefer video chats to get a better experience, and parents must find time to speak to their child, on all days allotted by the school for phone calls, especially when they are at an early stage of boarding. Every school has its policy on connecting students, and parents can ensure this before admission.

Trust is everything, and building it with someone makes your life better and deeper. When a child is at the Best residential school in Bangalore, the distance can sometimes be a barrier for parents.

Who is an ideal parent?

  • A parent who has trust and mutual understanding with the child.
  • The parent always sets an example.
  • Even if your child makes mistakes, make them understand about situation and correct them without punishment.
  • A parent who is loving and caring.
  • Your child feels safe with your presence and feels you will always be with them.
  • Parents always try to develop independence in their children. 

How can parents build strong relationships when children are at the best boarding school in Bangalore? 

Parenting is difficult when your child is away from you for education, but it can be maintained in many ways. Here are some ways to build a strong connection with your child when you meet them.   

Express your love 

All parents love their children, but they have to express this every time they talk. Some people stop saying this when children grow up. Always tell them, ‘I love you, ‘ no matter how old they are.’ A simple sentence can make many changes in your child’s life.

Listen to your child 

Children will have many things to discuss when they are away from you. They share their daily activities, projects, and even about their friends. Parents must be good listeners and try to see from their perspective.

Support your Childs

A child studying at the best boarding schools in Bangalore gets special care and support from the institution. It does not restrict parents from interfering in their children’s academics and non-academic matters, which is crucial for their child’s growth and success. Please offer your advice to make their work better.

Respect your Childs’s emotions

Understand both you and your child might be experiencing a moment of sadness and frustration due to the physical separation. As adults, parents must control their emotions and offer maximum support for children to get rid of their loneliness. Please encourage your child to share their feelings and tell them you feel the same, but advise them it is for a better future and career.

Include the child in your family decisions

Ensure other family members communicate with the child regularly. Your child’s presence is essential when you make any important decisions. This process helps children to emotionally attach to the family and offer a sense of responsibility and connection.

Celebrate every achievement

Big or small, a parent must celebrate their child’s achievements and encourage them to do more. Your encouragement boosts their self-esteem and motivates them to excel more.

Visit whenever possible

A physical presence offers more impact than a virtual meeting. Distance might be challenging, but meeting your child is vital, especially when there are programs and activities. Every child expects their parents to be present and watch their programs and achievements. Go for heart-to-heart conversation, and share your memories outside your boarding school environment.

Offer packages

One of the ways you show your love is by offering packages. Sending something to eat is good, but enquire what is happening in the schools and support them with the necessary kit and tools.

Record your best time

Remember to take pictures and videos while visiting your child’s boarding school or when they come for vacation. You can create a small album or video of your time together, significantly affecting your child’s attachment. 

Be patient and flexible

Building a healthy relationship takes time when your child is away from you. Please take your time and effort to make it consistently. Being patient and flexible with your child is essential. When your child grows up, the relationship gradually improves, and they understand why they are at the best international school in Bangalore.


A healthy parent-child relationship is necessary when enrolling your child in the best boarding school in Bangalore. Parents can provide emotional support through video chats, calls, messages, mail, and regular visits despite the distance. Demonstrate interest in your child’s affairs and advice when necessary. Most schools provide online support for parents to know their children’s academic achievements and other activities.


SNIS boarding offers full support for parents and students to be connected with the latest communication methods. The schools understand that the parents’ communication with children is essential and significantly influences students’ results. A parent can be a vital part of your child’s life by staying connected and supportive.

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