Leading SNIS into a Brighter, Better Future

Leading SNIS into a Brighter, Better Future

Can one go through a big event in their life without facing crushing self-doubt? Possibly. However, this wasn’t true in my case.

Standing for the School Vice Captain’s Position at Sharanya Narayani International School,  one of the best international schools in Bangalore, being a comparatively new student, was daunting, to say the least. From encountering phases where I questioned my capability to spearhead the student body, to even considering withdrawing at the last minute, the elections were no picnic.

Despite all those elements, I pulled through. And I can now say for certain that I couldn’t have done this without my pillar of strength; my friends at this top IGCSE and IBDP school in Bangalore and my family. Never. I believe I’m speaking for most of us when I say this. They encouraged me throughout, fortifying my confidence truly to be the Vice Captain of SNIS, one of the top international schools in Bangalore. By playing to my strengths, I succeeded as an empathetic leader, who accommodates the wish and will of the day scholars and boarding students alike. Not only as a weekly boarder, but also as the most responsible school’s student council member, I try my best to uphold the dignity and glory of the renowned status of SNIS, as one of the best residential schools in Bangalore.

Talking about my experience, the past 2 months have definitely been a memorable learning opportunity where I got to interact with such diverse groups of people, including the students, the teachers, and even the support staff. And I’m looking forward to bigger leadership roles like this in the future as well.

For a brighter, better SNIS, I personally believe that change is the key. I’m really keen on implementing some of the visions I have for this top international school in Bangalore, as soon as I can.

Firstly, I intend on giving our student body free access to menstrual products as and when they require them. Having gone through the agony of not finding any period supplies when I’m in dire need of them, I believe that this change will undoubtedly make it a lot easier for all of us. These products can be installed in the washrooms on every floor, making them even more accessible to those who want them.

Secondly, being an avid reader myself, instilling the pure joy of discovering books in our students from a young age itself, really aligned with me. Just the thought of organising a book exchange drive delights me. Not only does it help in decluttering your space, but it also supports our library while being completely eco-friendly. Furthermore, as one of the best international schools in Bangalore, SNIS always fosters and creates the innate opportunity to build social connections; this would be a pilot project for that mission.

I’m eagerly anticipating carrying out these plans straightaway and I truly believe that anything can be achieved as long as we, as a school, work together for it.

By:- Mahathi Mitra
Grade 11
School Vice-Captain

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