Integrated and Innovative Learning Experience at SNIS

Integrated and Innovative Learning Experience at SNIS

Hi, my name is Hubert and I study in grade five at Sharanya Narayani International School (SNIS), which is one of the best international schools in Bangalore. I used to spend time by always watching YouTube and playing games on my laptop at home.  Once I joined SNIS, one of the best residential schools in Bangalore, I started enjoying learning which is interactive and fun.

The classroom I study in is wonderful. Being not only an IB School but also an IGCSE school in Bangalore, our learning is exhibited on different boards like UOI, language, and math display boards which are created by us. These colourful visual displays are a real reinforcement and a true encouragement for our learning. It is to be noted that, there is a Reading Corner where such interesting books are kept that we reach out for books to read during our free time.

To develop self-management skills, we are in charge of daily duties. We are called resource managers. Each person oversees duties like homework submission, monitoring the class, monitoring line discipline while moving to specialist classes, a class librarian who takes care of books in the class, time keeper, and a display board manager who is in charge of the visual displays. We take ownership of our learning. We write new unit related words on the word wall. Every morning, we start the day with new words and its meaning. In this way, we get to learn new vocabulary which we mindfully use in our writing in language class.

SNIS, which is one of the best IB schools in Bangalore, ensures that the learning in the school doesn’t stop with our classroom. We learn about the Unit of Inquiry in our homeroom and the specialist subject lessons like Hindi/French, Kannada, dance, art, PE, and music. This is called integration. For example, in our unit on migration, we learnt different dance forms and music from different parts of India. We also learnt the art styles from different parts of the world. In our other unit on the body systems, we built clay models on different body systems. In PE, we learned the importance of exercise by doing a pulse activity. Our PE teacher also gave a lecture on how to keep ourselves healthy through exercise. In Kannada, Hindi and French also we learnt about our body and the names of the fruits and vegetables in the respective languages.

We use ICT in our learning every day. We learn through various materials like resource books, videos, real-life news articles, and online books. We effectively use online websites for research and to express our understanding through PowerPoint presentations, Google sites, Google slides, Powtoon, Canva, and more. We are also being informed and well aware of giving credit to the online resources used.

We also visit places for field trips which provides an opportunity for learning related to our Unit of Inquiry. As one of the best boarding schools in Bangalore, we also have parents and teachers as guest speakers whom we use as a resource for learning.

I adore my school which is one of the top international schools in Bangalore. If you have time, please do visit and you will love it too.

-By Hubert Anthony Brooks
Grade 5 student

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