Inspiring Minds: Stories from the Classroom

Inspiring Minds: Stories from the Classroom

“Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom”
-Oprah Winfrey.

I’m Aditi Vinod from grade 8. As a fifth-grader, I started attending Sharanya Narayani International School, a top IB school in Bangalore. As you are all aware, SNIS is one of the best boarding schools in Bangalore and is situated in the outskirts of Bengaluru. When I came to this school for the first time my impression was that I’d never seen a school like this before and I was very excited to meet my new friends and people from various other countries and cultures.

As I began my journey here, the first few weeks took me plenty of time to adjust to the new board and a new technique of learning. Well, of course, I wasn’t standing alone on this journey. My homeroom teacher helped me a lot; meanwhile, I am an independent learner and picked up the skills quite easily. Being not only an IB school but also an IGCSE school in Bangalore, it has its unique way of supporting us and bringing us in the right direction. I enjoyed the extracurricular activities in our school and got to explore way beyond my interests. “Music is life itself.” There is a huge music room in our school with various instruments which students are allowed to play according to their interests while being guided by our knowledgeable music teacher. Being one of the best international schools in Bangalore, SNIS offers different types of sports activities as we have a basketball court, tennis court, football & cricket fields, volleyball court, throwball court, indoor games, and swimming pools.

In our school, we are provided with the latest technological equipment such as 3D printing equipment, laser cutting tools, pottery, carpentry, fashion technology, and a design lab with various electronic tools. In our school, we get various opportunities for each student to enhance our creative skills and explore what we are interested in. We also have various exhibitions and other sessions held at our school to showcase our works. In addition, we also have sessions with people coming from around the world to give us more knowledge that we students haven’t explored. For example, our latest session was about internships where we got the opportunity to pursue opportunities and got more lessons on our career options, where we are exploring vastly on a topic.

We, as a top day and residential school in Bangalore, are provided with after-school activities such as sports, dance, and music. In our school, we choose what we want to do and focus on our interests. We get to focus on our lives and for our futures we are pushed to focus on our fullest potential.

By Aditi Vinod of Gr. 8

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