Impact of Positive Student-Teacher Relationships

Impact of Positive Student-Teacher Relationships

Students’ lives are significantly impacted by the positive relationships built between teachers and students, both academically and socially. A student would always be interested to attend the class and would grasp the lessons taught way better if they felt that their teacher valued and cared for them. So, every teacher and in turn, every school must make sure that students maintain a very positive and constructive relationship with their teachers.

Why positive student-teacher relationships matter?

Students are most likely to respect, listen to and obey teachers who connect well with them. Here are 3 benefits of good student-teacher relationships:

1. Improved grades

Students are often observed to be getting better grades in subjects that are taught by teachers who are very friendly with them. This is because students find it comfortable to approach these teachers and hence develop a natural interest in that particular subject as well.

2. Improved mental health of students

If a teacher has a good relationship with his/ her students, then it is easy to know if a student is going through a tough time. Students easily confide in such friendly teachers and this can help to improve their mental health as well.

3.Improve confidence in students

Students are often seen letting go off their inhibitions and actively involving in the class when their favourite teacher is teaching. They are observed to be less hesitant to ask doubts in class and they also come well prepared for the exams.

SNIS (Sharanya Narayani International School) feels that positive student-teacher relationships result in thriving classrooms and a generation of confident, bright students. SNIS is one of the best international schools in Bangalore that strives to create a friendly, comfortable environment for students to grow in, both academically and socially.

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