IGCSE Cambridge Curriculum- A need for today’s young learners.



Curriculum is a vital part of schooling and in today’s highly connected world it has also become the bridge between the learner and the wider world. While one might assume that curriculum only refers to the subjects one studies at school, actually it is the curriculum that is the base of all learning experiences for learners. It is the curriculum that provides the necessary exposure, offers cutting edge contemporary interdisciplinary subjects to learners and allows learning to be customised for each individual learning. Parents might find themselves in a fix when they have to choose the school and the curriculum for their child. While each curriculum has its own set of offerings and limitations, IGCSE Cambridge Curriculum remains the most well rounded, international, up-to-date, flexible curriculum that a learner can choose.


Cambridge Assessment International Education, a part of Cambridge Education is a not-for-profit organization which aims to develop curiosity and a passion for learning in the learners. Their international qualifications, the IGCSE and A level are recognised from universities world wide which allows learners to make the whole world an oasis for their learning.


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme runs through Grades 9 and 10 and allows learners to study 7 to 10 subjects at this level. As learners choose from five broad base areas- humanities, languages, science, mathematics and creative and vocational, the course ensures that they have a broad foundation on which they can build their future interests. Schools have a choice of over 70 subjects that can be offered to the learners in multiple combinations. The syllabi of these subjects are designed in a way that the learners are well acquainted with the foundations as well as the conceptual applications of the subjects they choose. They have a strong international and global outlook to encourage learners and teachers to look at the subject matter with multiple perspectives.



Students who complete IGCSE in class tenth move on to Cambridge Advanced or Cambridge A in class 11 and 12. This course too is well known for the options it provides and its flexibility. Learners are offered multiple windows in a year to take up their exams and they can choose to fast track their courses as well. In the recent years, subjects like Climate Change have become very relevant for the learners as well as the wider world. In addition to courses that have a relevant connection to the contemporary world, courses such as Global Perspectives and Foreign Languages are also offered to the learners. These courses not only develop transferable skills in the learners but also helps them become true global citizens.



In today’s fast paced and competitive world, IGCSE Cambridge Curriculum provides an edge to the learners and helps them become excellent yet different from their peers.




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