The Idea of Boarding Schools have Changed; So are the Mind-Sets of the Parents

The Idea of Boarding Schools have Changed; So are the Mind-Sets of the Parents

Residential School always mirrored an awful image of captivity, punishment and conformity. Today, however, the scene is different: From the confining walls to a liberating experience boarding schools in general and in SNIS particularly have taken a paradigm shift.

As the overall facilities at schools have improved in terms of learning and teaching, thanks to the compelling demand of the 21st century education, schools are forced to redesign the life of the students who wish to be resident pupils. Gone are the days of rigid, dull and intimidating boarding school life!



The Idea of Boarding Schools have Changed; So are the Mind-Sets of the Parents

What Makes SNIS a different boarding school?

One need not do many things to make children happy; give them the feel of home, touch of home, and the ambience of home, so that they ‘never miss home’! That’s our catchphrase.

Children never miss home!

SNIS offers two boarding options: Weekly and Regular.

The Weekly Boarding- the best of both the worlds

This option is a boon to working parents. Monday through Friday or  the last working day of the week, students stay in the hostel, enthusiastically take part in all school and after school activities, and then spend the weekend with parents or guardians to come back on Monday morning.  They also stay back during the weekend if the parents have some professional commitment or some personal constraints to picking the children for the weekend. Families often select weekly boarding to support their children to concentrate better on their studies by minimizing the time spent travelling to and from school, and by giving them full admission to extensive academic and co-curricular facilities throughout the extended boarding day. Another reason why parents are keen on weekly boarding is that they don’t have to worry about homework or getting up on time in the morning when they are already busy with professional commitments. Parents have now have the freedom to concentrate on their professional obligations during the week without worrying about their child’s academic & co-curricular progress and they get the opportunity to spend ‘quality time’ with their child during the weekends.

Regular Boarding

Regular Boarding provides an extended stay for its pupils. They get to enjoy the true essence of ‘home away from home’.  Girls and boys live in separate boarding accommodation with clear rules about what is out of bounds to visitors of the opposite sex. However, they are also trained to be open-minded, balanced and principled, respecting each other’s identity, and background also being sensitive and empathetic to each other.

Regular boarders stay and go home only for the mid semester breaks and winter and summer holidays. Apart from this, they are allowed to go home on alternate months, ideally the last weekend of the month, to stay either with their parents or local guardians who reside within Bangalore.

Parents of regular boarding students are more involved with school life; those who live close enough attend sports day, exhibitions, annual day and other important school functions. Technology enables much closer contact over long distances too, although students whose families live abroad must still have guardians, either relatives or else local guardians to act in loco parentis.

The regular boarders have an edge over their weekly boarding counterparts; they get to enjoy life better, they follow routine, they have scheduled activities, and they grow groomed completely to face the challenges of the world outside.

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