Health Is Wealth

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Health Is Wealth

Written by Jiya Zaveri & Samuel Samarth Ramesh (Grade 5 students of SNIS)

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7th.World Health Day is celebrated on April 7th.

We cannot buy health with all the money in the world. American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote ‘The first wealth is health’ in 1860.

The term ‘Health is Wealth’ refers to the importance of health to us and tells us that health is the real wealth. If we are not healthy, wealth is nothing to us.

Good health is a boon given by God. Good health is the earnings of a human throughout his/her life. If a person losses his health, he has lost the goodness of life. Wealth can be earned using health but good health can never be earned again if it’s lost. To maintain a good health, we need to do regular physical exercises.

If we are healthy, we don’t need to go to the doctor we only need to go for health check-up’s. Unhealthy people spend all their wealth on their health.

Many people don’t maintain their health because of laziness. Good health keeps us mentally, physically, socially and intellectually healthy. It keeps us away from sickness, it is the most precious gift of life.

Health is everything including stamina, so if we are healthy, you won’t get tired so easily, So, it is good to maintain a good health to get rid of all the negatives of body and even fight all the disease.

In 1948, the World Health Organisation defined health with a phrase that is still used today. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Good nutrition is necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. If we exercise, and have a healthy diet, we can maintain a good weight. Poor nutrition can lead to stress, tiredness and our limitations to work. Over time, it can lead to illness and other health problems such as: being overweight or obese, tooth decay, high blood pressure etc.

Our body needs certain vitamins and minerals to perform its functions properly. The food that we eat and the water that we drink provide Vitamin A, C, D, E, K and the B vitamins: thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), biotin (B7), folate (B9) and cobalamin (B12). The four fat-soluble vitamins—A, D, E, and K—are stored in the body’s fatty tissues.

Here are some important tips to keep healthy: –

  1. Eat a healthy balanced diet
  2. Exercise frequently
  3. Have a proper, solid sleep of 8 hours
  4. Wash your hands to be away from bacteria, viruses
  5. Don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol
  6. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated
  7. Take vaccines and have regular health check-ups

“Health is wealth” so what does it really mean? Everyone always has a long list of priorities –

  1. Eating
  2. Sleeping
  3. Drinking water
  4. Personal hygiene
  5. Academics
  6. Sports
  7. Dancing
  8. Vocals, Instruments

And much more…

But if we look carefully, we see that most of them are related to our body. That is because the first thing we prioritize is our body, our self, our feelings. Not academics, only ourselves

In our school, Sharanya Narayani International school, a leading IB boarding/residential school in Bangalore, we learnt about the human body system and how it works, we understood that we need to exercise to keep healthy to keep our body systems working. We ensure that we eat a balanced diet in our school cafeteria where the food is not just delicious but also healthy. Physical education is part of the curriculum for all of us and the boarders have the extra opportunity to enjoy a refreshing morning warm up as well as a rigorous evening sport session which helps us keeping fit and flexible.

So let us protect our self from the sun, relax, reduce sugar, do yoga and meditation and most of all have good thoughts, because a calm and healthy mind leads to a healthy body which is the ultimate wealth to possess.


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