Guide for MYP e- Assessments



One might wonder about the meaning or the relevance of the MYP e- assessment. Especially so because this assessment is not the regular, compulsory assessment but an additional one that can provide deep and meaningful insights into the learning and understanding of the learners. But you might wonder, why to opt for an additional assessment when the regularones are already there! But SNIS top international boarding school in Bangalore recommend opting for these assessments as they are not only a great opportunity to check your won learning but also gain an additional validation for your learning, understanding, and talents.

These are on-screen, two-hour-long assessments conducted by the IB for learners in grade 10 or MYP year 5. These are different than the regular, conventional exams because they aim to assess the full range of MYP teaching and learning outcomes, knowledge, and understanding and also assess the depth of the learner’s understanding of various concepts they have been taught. Questions in this assessment are open-ended and aim to understand the extent of knowledge the student has gained in their classrooms and through the curriculum. The assessment uses animation, videos, audio, images, and other multimedia to present real-world scenarios to students and encourage them to apply their classroom learning in real-life situations. Students are encouraged to solve the problems presented to them in step by step manner by taking measurements, considering the whole situation, and making assumptions and predictions.

SNIS top international boarding school in Bangalore strongly recommend opting for on-screen examinations (they are not compulsory!) because they are unique opportunities that enhance the validity of assessment rather than just interpreting learning in terms of grades and marks. MYP eAssessment has been developed for students and schools that need external verification of student achievement at age 16 in orderto be different from their peers and become high achievers. The new assessment model strengthens  the continuum and offers students formal, recognized qualifications



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