Do women make better leaders than men?

Do women make better leaders than men?

Hello, my dear friends and teachers. I’m Ira Karthik from Grade 4, SNIS. For those of you who don’t know SNIS, here is a short introduction. Sharanya Narayani International School (SNIS), an IB World School, is one of the top international schools in Bangalore. SNIS is a Day and Residential school in Bangalore, and I’m a proud weekly boarder of this amazing school! My school is great and very popular in Bangalore. Recently my school received a major acknowledgment and reward. SNIS was ranked as India’s top 9 and Bangalore’s top 5 International Day cum Boarding School, 2020 – 2021 by Education World Magazine. I feel proud to be part of SNIS for being one of the best international schools in Bangalore. Especially my wonderful teachers for their knowledge and expertise and for taking on the challenge of teaching all of us with grace, humor, enthusiasm and more importantly for empowering us to think, analyze and express ourselves freely.

So when my teacher asked us to write a Persuasive Essay on an interesting topic, “Do women make better leaders than men?” I was very excited. I have done research to write this essay and today I will be addressing the points that make women better than men. Of course, I mean no offense to men, but these are some points that women are better than men at doing. So, let’s start.

Women are better at management

Women have been managing the home for ages. They know how to spend and save money even when money is not enough. In the same way it has also been seen in the past few years that women make better managers. It is because they know how to properly handle resources, how to distribute them and how to maintain a balance.

Most of the women are amazing at planning things out and scheduling as well. Most of the men go with the ‘cross-the bridge-when-it-comes’ approach which often doesn’t work in their favour.

They are great Motivators

Motivating others is a quality that not all people possess. But women, in general, are motivators. Women have a detective quality hidden in them which often comes out when they need it. They know very well what motivates you and what increases your fears. This way they easily come up with ideas to encourage and motivate you.

Most importantly women deal with strong feelings better while men have a phobia when it comes to emotions.

Women are good at collaborating

It is a natural behaviour for a woman to bring everyone together. The same way women are natural at collaborating and working together with others. Women usually play many roles at a time because they are the home makers and they know how to make everyone happy and this works very nice in a department. Women like to work in a team, share their views and ideas and find a solution for the problem which will be in the likes of all the team members.

Already Know how to Succeed

Being a woman means they know how to work against the odds. Because we have always faced some kind of injustice, the limits being put on us despite of which many women have come out, stood up for themselves and have been successful against the odds in flying colours. Men have never and will never understand what it is like to be misjudged right from your childhood. On the other hand, every girl and woman have faced this at some time. They have the right to prove the people who blocked their path wrong and be successful in whatever path they are working in.

Loads of Patience

Women definitely have a lot more patience than men. Women don’t rush into things without thinking about it. Women are also known to manage stress more well-organized than men.

As much as society tries to put oil in a man’s ego by letting them lead it doesn’t change the fact that there are women who have successfully managed to change the feelings and thoughts of many people.

Many women have been successful in their lives. They have faced odds, but always been able to move on like true women. This is why women are better than men



I think women are better than men because they are more compassionate. They understand the problems of especially children, women and the sick. They go out of their way to help them. I feel women are less corrupt than men.

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