Dangers of Online Gaming for Children

Dangers of Online Gaming for Children

Authors – SNIS Grade 4 students: Ira Karthik, Spoorti Saatiya, Yahya Haris, Chiragnya.R, Falguni Dwivedi, Laasya Gowda and Hubert Brooks

Writing is a complex combination of skills that are best taught by breaking it down into steps and creating a process. At Sharanya Narayani International School (SNIS), one of the top international schools in Bangalore and a leading IB World School, we in the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) focus on the process of writing, as almost everyone learns to write successfully. The writing process involves five distinct steps:

  • Step 1: Pre-Writing
  • Step 2: Research
  • Step 3: Drafting
  • Step 4: Revising
  • Step 5: Editing and Proofreading

Grade 4 has been working on writing Informational Reports using a unique interactive and collaborative group activity. Information reports present factual information to inform the reader about a specific topic. Interactive writing is a cooperative event in which groups of students jointly compose and write a text.

Grade 4 students worked together, discussed and collaborated to write a piece on “Dangers of Online Gaming for Kids”. This activity helped the students grow in confidence, there was a sense of comfort in the discussion, collaboration, and sharing of ideas with one another.  The students watched videos, listened to experts speak, read scholastic articles on the subject Mutual support was one of the most important functions of this activity. Encouragement and the knowledge that their peers are interested in and committed to their ideas and work were just as helpful as feedback.

The Published Article


Gaming is fun!

Gaming is fun and entertaining. It is a good way to build teamwork and social communication skills. Although you may think it is fun, there are a few risks that you need to be aware of. If you want to know the risks and stop yourself from ruining your own life, then we suggest you read on!

Benefits of some games 

The game is called Roblox, people usually take it as an example of a bad game, but you know we surveyed a boy who plays Roblox. He actually said that the game Roblox helped him in coding, and you know that there are many games that show you how the world is in a different way. And many games are good, if 90% of games are bad, there are still good games about 10%. So we can believe in some games.

Educational games 

In online gaming there are not only bad games, notice that there are even good and educational games, you can even download educational games that could improve your kid’s studies. Who knows maybe your child would become an expert in studies by playing those games? Many games have topics on math and English kids can play those games.

Adapted mind

Adapted mind is a useful game that improves your knowledge in a fun way. They also teach whatever the students don’t understand many times. The students also find adapted mind fun and enjoyable. Adapted mind is also very attractive. When it is attractive, kids are happy to learn because they like the colorful things in it so the kids will have the interest to learn, so by this, they can learn and improve their skills. Also, you won’t be risking your child’s health because Adapted mind limits screen time. In only 20 minutes your child can come in learn and go out. Isn’t that great? Also, wouldn’t you apply for this instead of video games?

Cue Math 

Cue math is a game that has improved many students, and there are many reviews about that game. This game actually helps students in learning coding and math. Many parents choose this app for their kids. Would you choose it for your kids if it benefits them?


Byju’s is an online educational game that develops your child’s intelligence by giving online classes, constructing online games, and also by constructing online activities. The teachers are not at all strict and they explain everything calmly, nicely, and in a fun way. If you have any doubts, remember, you can always refer to the chat where they will be answered by the support teacher. Also, if you feel that your child is having too much screen time, you can buy special glasses for your child which are not powerful that helps in reducing eye strain and dry eyes.

Relaxing Games 

Minecraft is a sneakily relaxing game. And so are a few other games. Even Antistress is a nice relaxing game. I have tried it, there are many games for relief, so I would prefer working people to play and relax.

Here are a few relaxing games that benefit you by calming you down.

No Man’s Sky. Available On: PC, PlayStation, Xbox,

Euro Truck Simulator. Available On: PC

Stardew Valley. Available On: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch


House Flipper


The Hunter: Call of the Wild

My Time at Portia


How do they Benefit You?

However, you may be thinking now, because of this essay that online games only ruin your health, your career, and your life. But, no. You are wrong. The benefits of online gaming include- improved powers/skills of concentration, creativity skills, memory skills, language skills, social skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, and coordination with people skills

Why is Online Gaming Bad?

Do you know why online gaming is bad despite what we said earlier and some obvious benefits? If you want to know then we recommend you read on! It covers a lot of important topics that you might want to know so that you can save yourselves! It also covers a lot of content that you might not want your child to see such as Inappropriate content, Blackmail, Online kidnapping, Cyberbullying, Cyber security, Malware, Meeting strangers,

Hoarding fees/hidden fees, Fake news, Webcam worries, Online predators, Privacy problems, Online cheating

What Happens to the Innocence of Children?

The behavior of your child could be badly affected by inappropriate games. The side-effects include bullying, teasing, trolling, and griefing other kids or sometimes even adults. The child could become sarcastic at a very young age. The child will soon be behaving inappropriately and talking about inappropriate content.

The Law 

People from other countries cannot escape from the Karnataka government’s online video gaming law. It says Karnataka’s government, on October 5th, clearly stated that betting, gambling, and wagering were banned entirely in online video games.


Video games are extremely very, very addictive. Once you start playing, you can never stop. Almost all video games contain, violence, sexual content, and other inappropriate content for children.


The players who play might get framed for something that they have not done. Sometimes they can also get framed for cyberbullying and scamming.

Without a Limit

Playing too much, without a limit, continuously day and night could cause physical damage to your body and increase your blood pressure as well as your heartbeat. It can also increase the anxiety and depression in the player. Would you really like to trade your health for entertainment from something that’s not even real??

Obsession or Dopamine 

Some players who are addicted and obsessed and too dependent for their entertainment on online gaming have a high heartbeat and high blood pressure, it is due to too much enthusiasm and eagerness, and excitement. They also have stress and they also put too much pressure on themselves. These are some of the emotional issues that you might face while playing video games

Trauma, Trigger, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Pressure, Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Happiness, Aggressive and angry behaviour, and other emotional issues

The Malware

Malware is like a virus on the laptop. Let’s dive into some real-life experiences. First, we will interview our friend, Yahya Haris. Yahya shares his experience with us about his obsession and addiction to gaming.

Personal experiences

Yahya Haris

“Hello everyone, my name is Yahya. I was an online gamer. I played Roblox and many other games. I faced some depression and anxiety.”  He could literally feel it in his breathing. It was affecting his breathing. He also felt that the game was boring while he was playing it and even after he stopped playing games, depression, anxiety, and boredom were affecting him.

Spoorti Saatiya and Ira Karthik

“Hello everyone. My name is Spoorti. I also used to play video games” When Spoorti was playing a game called subway she was addicted to it. She used to imitate the actions that were going on the phone. When she lost she would become very aggressive and behave aggressively. Ira also shared her experience. “I felt that I was the character on the screen. I felt very aggressive whenever I lost and very excited and proud when I won”

Too much is too bad

Online video gaming strongly affects your health and influences your brain and behaviour. Too much screen time affects your eyes. Also, you start depending on video games for entertainment. It can also affect the memory and your brain. Online gaming can influence your behaviour. Like, it can teach you bad words, and make you believe in fantasy. While there is also a positive side….

Online video gaming can really turn those brawns into brains! What I meant is that it can improve your mental skills, such as problem solving and logic, hand-eye coordination, spatial skills, and fine motor coordination. But, unfortunately, online video games affect you negatively much more, and they outweigh the positives. Your behaviour will change, creating aggression inside you, increasing social isolation and separation, the decline in grades at school, irritability, and difficulty in sleeping.

The price you pay

Although it does give you a little benefit back, you do have to pay a huge price and sometimes probably even put your life at risk. Just before you choose entertainment over health and knowledge, get to know this.


I hope that you know about online gaming spoiling your vision. Do you know how and why? Using and operating digital devices too frequently without giving a break to rest your eyes and your brain causes eye strain, dry eye, and pain in your neck and shoulders. These symptoms are caused by glare and low screen contrast, which force your eyes to work harder than they usually need to see. The price you pay

Although it does give you a little benefit, you do have to pay a huge price and sometimes probably even put your life at risk. Just before you choose entertainment over health and knowledge


So know what do you think about online gaming? Is it good or is it bad, the decision is left to you? Your kid’s future learning and many more things are in your hand. So please, take the right decision!


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