Cultivating leadership: How the best international school in India shapes tomorrow’s visionaries

Cultivating leadership: How the best international school in India shapes tomorrow’s visionaries

The education that we receive refines our character, ideas, thoughts and the way we live. When a child is exposed to the right education at the right time, it greatly benefits their professional and personal pursuits. There are several skills children acquire from education. Among these, the cultivation of leadership stands out as paramount. The atmosphere of an international school is the best place in shaping our children’s leadership qualities and experience. They are known for their discipline, academics, and extracurricular activities, which will aid students in their endeavours. In this blog, we discuss and reveal how the best international school in India, SNIS, nurtures leadership and shapes better visionaries.

Leadership development and activities of the international schools 

Cultivating leadership skills is the face of modern education, and serves as part of holistic education. It aids children in nurturing their skills, character, and vision that will inspire millions of people in the future. How are leadership skills developed by the best IB school in Bangalore like SNIS? They follow international curriculum, strategy, and fuel the vision of leadership in children. See below some of the activities offered by the school.

Communication and Teamwork 

The international school system is very strong in laying the foundation for communication and teamwork skills. They are unavoidable requisites of effective leadership. Several activities like storytelling, role-playing, picture story explanation, listening and answering, group projects, and discussion are part of the international curriculum to reach their potential. These qualities empower students to their full potential as leaders to succeed in this world.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

A great leader must possess two skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills for sound decision-making. When a leader gets a problem, it should be analyzed from multiple perspectives and to reach an amicable solution. Institutions such as Sharanya Narayani International School (SNIS), distinguished as the best international school in India, cultivate these skills with carefully crafted curricula and strategies.

Club activities

Engagement in club activities cultivates and enhances leadership skills in children. Participating in various clubs like Chess and Board Games, Drama, Dance, Arts and crafts, Martial Arts, and MUN provides opportunities for them to exhibit their talent as leaders. The Model of the United Nations (MUN) is conducted as a competition at the state and national level and offers a platform for students to demonstrate their leadership skills.

Mentorship program

The mentorship program by educational experts and teachers will inspire our children to grow their personalities. Guidance, encouragement, and a space for self-discovery are the most important things students get to become the visionaries of tomorrow. This initiative ensures the growth of each participant, allowing them to face the challenges with confidence.

Student Council

Leadership isn’t just a skill; it’s a mindset and a way of life that we need continuous cultivation. Recognizing this, international schools establish a cabinet to take part in the school’s growth. They become school leaders, assistant leaders, sports leaders, and more. This democratic way gives students skills to become leaders from their schooling onwards and affords numerous opportunities to apply them.

Cultural exchange programs

The diversity of people and cultures is happily celebrated in the best international school in Bangalore. SNIS possesses a diverse community from India and abroad, where they have chances to exchange ideas and cultural interaction. This exposure is invaluable, shaping visionaries who appreciate diversity, think globally, and understand the interconnectedness of the world as better leaders.

Games and activities

An international school does not just focus on academics, but the extracurricular activities too. The wide range of activities like sports and arts aid children to be flexible, and independent and cultivate notable leadership skills. These games and activities foster teamwork, and empathy, making them well-rounded individuals in this society.


Leadership is an art that everyone should acquire to succeed in their life. It is an ability to guide people to a specific goal. A good leader can inspire people with his positive words and actions. SNIS is the best international school in India offering a conducive environment to cultivate this quality. Through a diverse approach and strategy to education, students gain exposure to various cultures, perspectives and challenges, helping them to get the vision required for shaping future leaders.


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