Benefits of Studying at a Residential International School

Benefits of Studying at a Residential International School

While many educational institutions provide a wholesome academic experience, international residential schools have always provided an extra edge over most regular schools.

Following are some of the many reasons asserting the benefits of an International Residential School:

      1. Exposure to Different Cultures:

Most International Residential schools have the advantage of having students and teachers from different nationalities which adds diversity and teaches students to respect and learn about different cultures.

      1. Participation in Extracurricular Activities:

Due to the exceptional facilities provided in most international residential schools, students have the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities.

Advantages of Studying at Residential International School in Bangalore:

The advantages of studying in an international school with residential facilities are mostly rooted to the growing awareness amongst people in Bangalore about the international curriculum and its importance for an overall personality development.

      • Students in Bangalore have a lot to gain from an International Curricula especially with the promising facilities that are provided in most residential international schools.
      • International residential schools in Bangalore provide the necessary global exposure in academics and diversity required for overall development of a student.
      • With the growing popularity of international schools in Bangalore, residential facilities provided in most International Schools are working to provide more extracurricular activities.
      • With growing number of families where both parents are working in demanding careers, residential schools offer the parents an option of providing their children with a home-like atmosphere which ensures their overall growth and happiness. With many international boarding schools offering 5-day/weekly boarding option, many of these parents find the happy balance between keeping their children home during the weekends when they can spend quality time with them, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to experience life at a boarding school.

Eligibility to Join an International School in Bangalore:

To join an international school, students are required to present their

      • Birth Certificate
      • Transfer Certificate
      • Conduct Certificate and Mark Sheet.
      • Other documents specified by institution.
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