An Opportunity to Be an Extremely Helpful IB Learner

An Opportunity to Be an Extremely Helpful IB Learner

The art of being helpful is as if everything we do matters because we never know which things might.

-Gloria Steinem

It was an amazing day when I got to know that many students from Thailand are coming all the way to Sharanya Narayani International School, one of the best international schools in Bangalore, to learn English in our school’s ESL Camp. The exciting part was that I was the buddy for one of the ESL (English as Second Language) students.

I was overwhelmed with the remarkable opportunity to help them feel at home along with assisting them to learn English, while studying in one of the top international schools in Bangalore.

Being not only an IB school but also an IGCSE school in Bangalore, SNIS wants to help the world to be able to adapt to a new environment and learn the international language of the world- English.

We are one of the best international boarding schools in Bangalore and our school has arranged very inquisitive and amusing activities including outings, sports lessons, pottery, cooking without fire, golfing, treasure hunt, yoga, music, dance, fun with various subjects, reading time, and traditional games.

The objectives were simple: To reach a level of proficiency in reading, writing, speaking & listening, develop proficiency in the English language, nurture self-pride and self-identity in each student’s linguistic and cultural heritage, and provide curricular and extracurricular opportunities for all campers.

At last, I’m certain that the Thai kids who came to our school for support would be happy and we are pleased to have them. Certainly, they have learned a lot about Indian culture and had fun along the journey of learning English.

I hope that SNIS, being one of the best residential schools in Bangalore, is going to host more ESL camps in the upcoming years helping young citizens of the world with their bright future.

-By Unnati S (6A)

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