5 Benefits of Having a Massive School Campus

5 Benefits of Having a Massive School Campus


A real education can only be provided by a school that creates an enriching environment for its students to learn and play while retaining their knowledge and values in the long-term. One of the biggest elements integral to such a school is its – CAMPUS. A large campus primarily shows that the school is willing to give its students enough space, quite literally – to play and relax. It gives students, enough breathing space for leisure while getting bogged down with classes and studies. Research shows that, on average, students who go to schools with a big campus tend to be much happier than their counterparts who don’t. Let’s discuss on some crucial and pertinent benefits that students enjoy, while going/ moving to a big campus.
Here are 5 benefits of a massive campus, making your child’s journey a fruitful and beneficial one:

Infrastructure to Support Outdoor Activities like Sports

When the campus size allows it, the school can have the opportunity to build infrastructure that lets students choose and play from a wider variety of sports. Within a massive campus, management can also afford to build football court, cricket grounds or an outdoor gym area. While for indoor sports arena, campus can includes sports like shuttle badminton, table tennis, caroms etc.

Enough Space for Students to Explore and Enjoy

A large campus can be a gift for students who are still in their growing age. It is a natural tendency for young children to explore any place out of curiosity and sheer childishness. When they’re allowed to do this at school they are going to view it as a positive and safe place to enjoy themselves within the safety of the campus. This makes them feel like the school is their second home which in-turn boosts trust in school and learning capabilities.

Pollution and Stress Free Environment

A spacious campus lets students spend a lot of time with their peers in a safe and pollution free environment. The students get the opportunity to let go of their worries and stress about studying and work, which positively reinforces their play time.

Clean & Green Campus Initiatives

With a large campus, school authorities can teach students about the importance of keeping their environment clean. If they are taught the value of our environment with Green Campus initiatives at a young age, they are going to grow up to be more sensitive towards pollution and other environmental issues. These initiatives can include throwing out garbage and planting saplings of trees around the campus. The need of the hour for the nation is to educate our young citizens both personal hygiene and social responsibility.

Recreate the ‘Gurukul’ Experience to the Extent Possible in Today’s Day and Age

A spacious campus can also be utilized to revive the age-old Gurukul experience. It is an ancient Indian form of education wherein the students live with the guru and take care of the home and its surroundings. The campus can be used to bring back this tradition and give the students a more wholesome form of education that is inimitable in other schools.

Luckily Sharanya Narayani International School abides with all the above features and benefits. Catering to Day Scholars as well as Boarders, the 60 acres pollution free and green campus provides a safe, construction free, state-of the art-infrastructure that is conducive to teaching and learning. And most importantly – helping the young minds to stay happier, healthier retaining their learnings and values for the long-term.

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