Why you should choose IB schools over CBSE schools



One of the most common education systems in India is the CBSE curriculum under which approximately 19300 schools are registered. On the other hand,  IB curriculum offers a new approach of learning about which is geared more towards modern learning concepts.

Among the many struggles of parenting, choosing the right education system for your child is the most difficult decision parents have to make. As school and curriculum both play a major part in shaping their child’s future.

Let’s discuss some of the main points that differentiate  International Baccalaureate curriculum from the CBSE curriculum and how it impacts the future of your child.

CBSE is the most common school curriculum in India. A majority of schools offer it. This curriculum focuses majorly on a theoretical based approach of education.

International Baccalaureate curriculum schools is also a national-level curriculum. The major departure from CBSE is the focus on developing a child’s critical thinking, creativity, problem solving abilities and preparing them as an all-round achiever. IB schools don’t just focus on a child’s academic growth but are also deeply invested in extra-curricular activities. SNIS, IB School in Bangalore actively engages its students in sports and extra-curricular activities. This helps the students understand, appreciate and master the dynamics of the world outside the class rooms.


Key Features of IB schools over CBSE Schools.


  • IB curriculum is a more experiencer-based learning platform where the student can develop critical skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and ownership. Whereas CBSE schools are mostly focused on helping a student prepare for examinations and tests of academic knowledge.
  • International Baccalaureate curriculum is nicely balanced across areas like music, arts, and sports.
  • IB promotes more concept-based learning rather than typical textbook learning as CBSE schools prefer.
  • IB curriculum is highly beneficial for those students who are looking to study abroad after the school, as it is recognized around the world.
  • Students in IB are free to choose form the variety of subjects. Unlike CBSE.
  • IB schools offer world class infrastructure and facilities to their students.
  • IB Schools have credit-based system which helps student in advancing to higher studies without taking up any basic foundational course.




As we can clearly see, IB schools turn out to be a more preferred for students who wish to study abroad after their schooling. In India, SNIS, Bangalore is one of the best International Baccalaureate schools in terms of its teaching, extra-curricular and a sprawling green campus nestled amongst verdant greens.




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