Why Students Should Aspire to Study Abroad


Aspiring to study abroad gives students immediate access to a diverse pool of opportunities from top-of-the-class education and international exposure to the best career prospects which otherwise wouldn’t be accessible to the students in their home country. Making the dream of international exposure and education a reality, studying overseas introduces students to a whole new world of opportunities, challenges and valuable experiences to shape their life as independent, balanced individuals.

India is recorded as the second largest source of international students after China with over 3,00,000 Indian students studying overseas. The future demand for international education continues to increase among Indian students for a number of different reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons students should consider studying abroad today.


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Top International Education

Broadening your study options enormously, studying abroad allows the students explore the highest quality of education possible that is best suited to their academic skillset and educational competence. A big share of Indian students consider studying in Australia and Canada a much more cost-sensitive and value-maximising option to study overseas in the world’s highest ranking universities. Gaining a highly-regarded international education abroad also allows students to experience an improved standard of independent living with state-of-the-art facilities in campus, ensuring a holistic learning journey and skill development.  SNIS International Boarding School near Whitefield offers international academic programmes to build their learning potential for higher international education and help them freely explore their opportunities to study abroad.



Career Prospects

Graduating from top universities with highly regarded educational exposure opens the door to countless career prospects in the modern business landscape today. Most successful global organizations regard international exposure and education as one of the big positive points on job applications, and consider it a valuable experience for skill enhancement while promoting a mature global outlook. An international exposure to higher education only adds more to the bucket of career opportunities with universities offering great placement and internship programs as the key to unlocking successful career growth. At SNIS International Boarding School near Whitefield, we bring value to our students’ individual growth with an international schooling environment and the International Baccalaureate curriculum that nurtures their personality development and build life-long learners who can thrive in a multicultural environment abroad.


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Independent Lifestyle  

Going overseas to complete higher education is itself an experience of a lifetime for a student. Students get to experience a different culture, make new friends, learn a new language and lead an independent life that teaches self-dependence and self-reliance. This international experience helps the students define clear career opportunities for their future and cultivates the soft skills that are the most in-demand in the 21st-century workplace today. This foundation of an independent lifestyle is essentially shaped by their experience at school in the early student years where they are motivated to explore their potential both academically and personally on a daily basis. At SNIS International Boarding School near Whitefield, we teach our students the virtues of self-discipline and responsibility to help them lead their own path in life, and make their own decisions on a daily basis to shape balanced, self-aware individuals.



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