What to expect from Boarding Schools?



When you are putting your child in a boarding school, it is only natural that you and your child will have some questions and anxieties about the experience. Deciding to choose a boarding school is a turning point in one’s life as the experience will define not only the ways in which one will learn but also the lifelong habits one acquires and the kind of person one will become. So it’s quite important to make sure that the boarding school you are choosing has the following points in order-


  • Student Centred Learning- We can’t stress enough on this aspect of a boarding school. Keeping the student in the center of the learning experience is what ensures the best quality education where the student is able to learn and perform to their optimum potential. It is paramount that you ensure that the school makes sure that your child is learning everything in a fun, interactive and efficient way. Since your child will be spending their whole day at the school, their schedule has to accommodate all their intellectual and creative needs.


  • Qualified Teachers- Its rather crucial that the boarding school applies careful measures to recruit the best teachers to teach your child. Well qualified teachers don’t only mean teachers with adequate degrees but it also means having teachers who understand the very many aspects of teaching learning and will find ways to connect with the child in their classes. Because the teachers will be spending their days at the school itself with your child, it is important to ensure that the school vouches and takes responsibility for their conduct and behaviour in the school.


  • Rigorous Education- The school must have high educational standards, that is, it should ensure that the students are being taught important skills from the most efficient teachers in the most effective ways. The school should ensure that pedagogical techniques are updated and that they have smart classrooms that make use of the latest educational technology.


  • Career Counselling- This should be an easy and accessible service available to all students of the school. The counsellors should be well aware and know about how various interests and skills can be translated into meaningful careers.


  • Clinical Psychologist- The school must have a set of well qualified clinical psychologists who can work with children of various ages. Their services should be accessible and confidential. Since your child will be away from home, they must have a safe space at school where they can discuss their life problems or dilemmas and get a well-rounded education about taking care of their own mental and emotional health.


  • Sports and Co- curricular Experiences – The presence of a wide range of sports and co- curricular activities is as crucial as having a student cantered schooling experience. These activities will give your child to explore many aspects of their own personalities and develop soft skills such as collaboration, public speaking, teamwork and sports spirit.


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