Tips for Studying in an International Boarding School

Studying in a boarding school can be a difficult experience for some students. As they stay away from home, learn to manage the personal and academic aspects of their life and make new friends while getting used to the school and its various rules, the experience definitely can be challenging and overwhelming. But as with all challenges, there are many precious learning experiences in this challenge and with some effort and mindfulness, students can make their life at the boarding school an experience to remember and cherish.

What is most important is that students don’t rush themselves and make sense of their emotions and responses while they are at the boarding school. the challenges or the difficulties of staying away from home becomes a lesson in independence and accountability, the struggle of making new friends becomes a way to become confident and open minded while responding to the demands of the school become ways to learn responsibility and time management.

Here, we discuss a few things students can keep in mind while they try to get used to a life at their boarding school-


Being Flexible: We cannot emphasise the importance of being flexible enough. If the child is able to interact with their peers with an open mindedness and a flexibility to accept people how they are, their time at boarding school will be an experience they will always cherish. It is important that the child is able to accept the changes in their life and not be sullen about what they have left behind. Learning a lesson in flexibility will extend beyond the school experience and make adult life easier as well.


Cleanliness: The biggest change the students go through when they come to boarding school is being away from their family. Family rules and rituals make sure that they maintain hygiene and cleanliness but in the boarding school, this initiative has to come from the child themselves. Practicing hygiene will ensure that the child and those around them remain healthy and safe.


Time Management: Students are encouraged to keep a note of everything that they are supposed to do in a day and make checklists or to-do lists to track the completion of the tasks. Such an everyday practice will help them learn the art of time management and meeting deadlines. Its imperative to include time for leisure or recreation activities in a day too, because we all know quite well, all work and no play makes us all rather dull.


Experiment: Children are also encouraged to try activities or sports that they haven’t tried before while in boarding school. They are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and explore their potential and choices.


Make friends: Friends are family is especially true in a boarding school. In the absence of immediate family, friends become one’s support system, confidants and the most trusted individuals. To live a meaningful and more importantly, a fun life in a boarding school, making friends is rather important.


Follow The Rules: As with any formal space, boarding schools also have a set of rules that everyone is expected to follow and is reprimanded for not following. Be aware of the rules about timings, food, communication with family, going out of the school premises and so on and ensure that you are following the rules at all times.


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