Reasons to Choose IB Diploma Program



In today’s competitive world, to succeed and make a mark, one needs to be unique. Gone are the days when only marks mattered, now, it is your whole personality, your skills, and your achievements that matter the most. Schooling becomes the foundation of what we become, learn, and achieve in our adult life and hence, it’s imperative to make sure that our schooling experience goes beyond rote learning and mechanical examinations and makes us a creator and a problem solver. This is exactly how an IB Diploma Program (IBDP) makes us. In this essay, we discuss the three most important reasons for choosing IBDP for our schooling –


Follow Your Passion

IBDP is so full of opportunities and possibilities that it makes us realize our own passion and how can we excel in it. To really blossom as an individual and at the same time, contribute to the community we are a part of, we need a space that nurtures us and gives us a safe space to learn, explore, make mistakes and discover our own strengths and limitations. This is where IBDP plays a crucial role. It provides all learners a space that is conducive to learning and to experiment with our abilities.


Become A Dreamer, Doer, and Achiever

Unlike traditional schooling experiences, the IBDP puts weight on creativity, imagination, lateral thinking, and expression. Learning is the focus of all education, rather than simple memorization, exhausting rote learning, and mechanical standardized examinations. Students are constantly encouraged to apply their learning and ideas to the larger world that exists outside. Their assessment is done on the basis of their interests and the focus is on creating truly global, cosmopolitan global citizens who are informed about the world around them.


Get into Top World Universities

IBDP is like the launching pad that students need to get into the top world universities of their choice. Since the program is recognized and accepted by top universities, the students can seamlessly apply and get into the university of their choice. The IBDP experience prepares students to think and perform like a top university student and equips them with all the skills and abilities which they need to excel in their academic and professional life.



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