Precautions to Take When Your Child Goes to Boarding School after the Lockdown


As India goes into the unlock mode, schools are also slowly reopening and children are being asked to come to school. This doesn’t mean that the danger of corona has gone away and that we can go back to being carefree and careless. When your children start going to school, they will be tempted to engage in free behaviour with their friends and peers but you have to make sure that their behaviour shouldn’t become a danger to them and to you. Here we list some ways in which they can be safe and at the same time have fun with their friends as well-


  • Masking up- Masks are like vaccines and medicines combined. We all know that prevention is better than sure and hence masks are the most important tool to be safe and keep others safe. Make sure that your child has a good quality N95 mask and practices double masking. It’s also important to maintain mask hygiene and keep their masks clean and sanitised


  • Physical Distancing- Keep the residential school administration in loop and be upraised of their plans to ensure physical distancing in classrooms. Have a conversation with your child about the importance of physical distancing and how it can help them be safe and healthy. SNIS top international residential school in Bangalore makes sure that there classrooms and other facilities like mess, library etc are strictly follows the social distancing norms.


  • Not sharing is caring- Children might be tempted to share their stationer, food and water with their friends but have a clear conversation with them that sharing can lead to sharing of infections too. During a pandemic, it’s imperative that we remain at a distance with each other and ensure safety for everyone.


  • Hand hygiene- Equip them with a sanitiser that is effective and also gentle for the skin of your child. Encourage them to sanitise their hands and other frequently used objects at regular intervals. SNIS international boarding school had fully equipped there campus with hand sanitizers and makes sure everyone including non-teaching member sanitize there hands on frequent interval.



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