Old SNIS Outstanding Achievement Scholarships

SNIS Outstanding Achievement Scholarships are awarded to those candidates who demonstrate outstanding academic aptitude, leadership skills and display artistic and/or athletic excellence.

The SNIS Scholarship Program is available to all new applicants for Grade 9 (IGCSE) and Grade 11 (IBDP).


Academic Scholarship Opportunities

  • The maximum award is for full tuition fees only.
  • A maximum of eight awards are offered.
  • There will be one 100% award, two 75 % awards, and five 50% awards offered.
  • Awards do not cover associated costs such as books, student kit, exam fees and trips.

Scholarship Details:

  • Scholarships are made and decided for students at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.
  • Awards are rewarded on the basis of academic ability, likely general contribution to school life and financial need. All awards run for two years of the course, although renewal for the second year is subject to satisfactory performance and conduct during the first year.
  • All scholarships are reviewed on a semester basis to assure that the student is committed and maintains standards expected of a scholar.
  • Scholarships may be withdrawn at any time if a scholar does not maintain the expected standards.


How to apply?

  • Download and complete the Application (for Grade 11), Application (for Grade 9) form and post it to us along with the following documents.
  • Alternatively, candidates can scan the application and accompanying documents and send everything as an attachment to: [email protected]
  • Do not forget to mention in the email subject line : Scholarship Application – 2020-2021
  • Submit the following documents along with the completed form
  • One passport size photograph
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Grade 9 final and the most recent Grade 10 reports for Grade 11 (IBDP).
  • Grade 7 and the most recent Grade 8 reports for the IGCSE program.
  • Please contact Ms Gayathri, our Admissions Manager with any questions you may have about the application procedure.


Selection process

  • Candidate must have a minimum 85% in previous Grade or equivalent for Grade 11 (IBDP).
  • For the IGCSE program, candidate must have a minimum 85% in previous Grade or equivalent.
  • Decision on minimum equivalent grade for students coming from different grading system rests solely with SNIS Scholarship Committee.
  • Selection factors will also include
    • Statement of purpose
    • Evidence of academic excellence
    • Evident leadership qualities
    • Significant artistic or athletic achievement
    • CSI involvement/volunteerism
    • Engagement in school activities
  • The weighting for scholarship is: 60 % on the interview & scholarship assessment & 40% on previous academic records.
  • Students whose fees are paid by parents’ companies cannot be considered for Scholarship Program.
  • Decision of Scholarship Committee is final on all scholarships awarded


Key Dates for Scholarship:

  • Scholarship Application: Open
  • Scholarship Assessment: Open

Download application forms:



For clarifications, please email [email protected]

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