Myths about International Boarding Schools


International boarding schools have gained much popularity in the last few years. but at the same time, there is also a cloud of myths and misinformation around them which make people skeptical towards them. Boarding schools are institutions that ensure that students learn in the most effective way possible while they also become fully functional individuals. Here we discuss some of the myths and misinformation that might affect your decision to choose an international boarding school-


● You need a lot of money to pay for boarding school- This is absolutely a myth as international boarding schools today are much more affordable than ever. Gone are the days when these schools could only be afforded by the rich.
Today, anyone interested in quality education can afford such schools, and what’s more, some schools also have financial aid and scholarships for students whose parents feel that this education is out of reach for them.


● Boarding school students don’t have any fun- Boarding school students have all the constructive fun. Infact their school days have designated time for leisure, sports, and co-curricular activities which ensures that they are meaningfully engaged and have fun at the same time. They are also taken on visits and excursions which gives them a chance to bond with their peers and teachers outside class also.



● Boarding school teachers are too strict- This is gross misinformation about teachers as teachers at these schools are kind-hearted and have the best interests of the students in their hearts. Teachers also fulfil the role of the family in boarding schools and hence, they know the students much more intimately and are able to help them in multiple ways.



● There is no diversity in boarding schools- This too is a myth. International boarding school classrooms are full of students from various regions and they have varied ethnic, religious and linguistic identities. These schools ensure that their students are diverse and belong to different identity groups. In such an environment, the student is truly trained to become a global citizen.



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