Making Friends at Boarding School


Going to a boarding school is an exciting experience for a child. It’s an experience that is sure to change their lives, personalities, and their outlook towards life. However, at the same time, children can feel nervous about going to a new place and making friends. In this essay, we discuss ways in which you can encourage and support your children in making friends at their new boarding school-


Take Up Co-curricular Activities

Encourage your child to take up co-curricular activities offered in their international boarding school. These activities are a great facilitator in making friends and introducing the child to a group to which they can eventually belong activities such as debating, theatre, dance, and so on require coordinating and collaborating with others around you and hence, these activities can really boost your child’s social life and help them in finding friends who share their interest and their passions.


Participate in Sports

The playground is a great place to meet and befriend people. SNIS top International boarding school provides its students with 60 acres of green and safe campus.  When your child takes up a sport, they don’t only ensure that their physical and mental health remains on track but they also meet people with whom they can become lifelong friends. Teamwork and coordination are the two most important principles of any sport and when the child is a part of a team, they are bound to make connections with others which are strong and are based on the love for and the spirit of sports.


Get Out of the Room

Encourage and motivate your child to spend their leisure time outside their hostel rooms. Spending time in communal and shared spaces will expose them to new experiences as well as new people.



Help your child in developing confidence to speak with new people and seek help when they need to. Shy children struggle the most in boarding schools and it is important that you do confidence-building exercises with your child which will help them in becoming comfortable in the new school.


Limit Contact with Family

This suggestion might seem a bit strange but remember, your child has gone to the boarding school to discover a different kind of life and too much interference from home can hamper their attempts to get settled at the new residential school, in the new life. We are not asking you to cut contact with your child, but avoid too many calls or visits and ask meaningful questions which lets the child know that your trust them and value their opinions.


Remind your Kid that they are not Alone

If your child feels alone or lonely, remind them they are surrounded by children like their own selves who might be feeling the same and encourage them to make friends who they can spend their time with and find activities they can do with them. Also ensure them that you are there for them, no matter what the situation. Remind them that you love them and that the space they share with you is a safe space that will always remain theirs. SNIS International boarding school has well trained teaching and non-teaching staff who ensure that your child stays motivated and engages themselves in various activities.



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