Kindergarten – Reading List

If You had a nose like an Elephant’s Trunk /Bauer, Dane Marion

A young girl imagines what it would be like to have a tongue like a snapping turtle, feet like a fly, a tail like a lizard, or cheeks like a chipmunk


Loveykins/ Blake, Quintin                 

A woman rescues a baby bird blown from his nest in a storm and proceeds to care for him with gourmet food, cozy blankets, and walks in a stroller, but eventually her “loveykins” is ready to try his wings.


Franklin rides a bike/ Bourgeois, Paulette

Franklin is missing out on a lot of fun because he cannot ride his bike without training wheels, but when his mother points out that learning new things takes a lot of work, he decides to try again.


Franklin and the tooth fairy/Bourgeois, Paulette                             

Franklin’s friends are losing their teeth, but Franklin doesn’t have any teeth to lose. Will the tooth fairy visit Franklin anyway?


My Dad / Browne, Anthony P

A child describes the many wonderful things about “my dad,” who can jump over the moon, swim like a fish, and be as warm as toast.


1, 2, 3 to the Zoo: A counting Book /Carle, Eric                                     

Each car on the train has one more zoo animal than the one before, from the first car with an elephant to the last with ten birds.


Do you want to be my friend? /Carle, Eric                       

A mouse searches everywhere for a friend.


Elvis the Rooster almost goes to Heaven /Cazet, Denys                

Elvis the rooster thinks he has died when he fails to crow at the rising of the sun but the chickens find a way to restore his cluck.


 A new Barker in the house /De Paola, Tomie

Twins Moffie and Morgie are excited when they hear that their family is adopting a three-year-old Hispanic boy.


Mama cat has three kittens  /Fleming, Denise                              

While two kittens copy everything their mother does, their brother naps.


Bedtime for Frances/ Hoban, Russell   

Frances finds it difficult to go to sleep with the strange noises and menacing shapes that seem to fill her room after dark.


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